Spotify web player no funciona

Spotify web player no funciona

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If you use the web player while on the free plan, you will get the free Spotify experience. You will only hear a few minutes of ads every hour, so that Spotify can pay the artists. However, we think it is worth paying for Spotify if you are going to use it frequently.
The Spotify web player is laid out almost identically to the desktop application. You can create playlists (and access the ones you’ve set up in your app), search for recommendations, search for specific artists and songs, and even switch to Radio mode. You also have access to all the Spotify catalog content you would have in the app.

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If your Spotify web player stops working, there are a few things you can try to get it working again. Try them to see if we can’t get it to listen again. This guide assumes that your internet connection is fine and you can browse other websites normally and only the Spotify web player is having problems.
If you’re like me, you’ll have Spotify set as a desktop favorite or browser shortcut. Instead of using your normal shortcut, try using a link instead, like this one. It sends you to the same place but forces the browser to load the page again instead of using a cached version.
If you use Chrome to access Spotify and see ‘Protected content playback is not enabled’, a setting was changed within the browser that prevents playback. This is another known issue, especially after a significant browser or operating system update.
What should happen is that Spotify will play on your second device and then when you switch to the Spotify web player, it should start playing on your computer. This is usually enough to get it working again.

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If you cannot access other websites. then your own Internet connection or Internet Service Provider (ISP) must be the reason why Spotify Web Player does not work. To solve it. you should try restarting your computer and modem or wireless router. reset the web browser to remove the incorrect caches and free your connection.
Hello. I have the same problem since about 4-5 days ago. I can’t listen neither from the web player nor from the desktop app. On web I do not just load the page and on desktop playlist that I have created I do not start and others plays a song 4-5 seconds.
How to fix Spotify is not possible to play the current song. You may encounter a problem where there is no sound in Spotify or Windows 10. This is not a Spotify problem . but many users mistake no sound as something wrong with Spotify when it’s really your sound card.
The reasons why Spotify may not work well can be of many types. from connection problems to security issues with our account or problems with cache or temporary files. Most of these problems can be easily solved and we will explain how to fix them.

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If you can access all other websites except Spotify, your Windows Firewall may be blocking access. A firewall prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network. To do this, you must turn off the firewall. To turn off the firewall,
If turning off the firewall did not solve the problem, it may be due to an invalid cache. Frequently visited addresses, websites and website items are stored in the computer’s cache to make them better and more efficient, but sometimes incorrect data is stored that can prevent you from accessing the Internet on some sites. To do this, you will need to clear your DNS cache,
Read also: Top 5 ways to prevent Spotify from opening while running on Mac and Windows 1. Search for Start \ «Command Prompt». Then right-click on the command prompt and select «Run as administrator».
3. Now you must specify the period for which you want to delete the log history. If you want to delete from scratch, you must select the option to delete browsing history from scratch.

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