The spotify application is not responding solucion español

The spotify application is not responding solucion español

Spotify not responding on startup

For Spotify to work properly, it is important to verify that our device is compatible and properly updated, otherwise, we could have problems to enter the app or when using it.
It will be enough to disable it and check the operation of the Swedish application. As we always insist in these cases it is important to re-enable the firewall once the check is done to minimize the time in which our computer is vulnerable.
This will show us a page where we have to indicate our email address or user name on the platform and click Send. Automatically, we will receive an email message at the address linked to our Spotify account.
Another possibility is that we get an error message indicating that there is no Spotify account associated with that email address. In this case, it is possible that we are entering the wrong address.
In the case of wanting to log in with the platform from an Apple device, it is important to know that we will need to have iOS 13 or later installed, an Apple ID with two-factor authentication and the iCloud session open.

Spotify web

The first thing to do is to isolate the problem to find out if the failure is in our computer or it could be a matter of the Spotify server or even our local connection. And we must keep in mind that when we talk about Spotify, we refer to a platform that works mostly online. What we mean by this is that we need a stable Internet connection that works without problems. So before anything else we recommend that you check that the router works, as well as the cable or WiFi we use to access it. Something we can also do to get out of doubt quickly, is to try using another online service, a game, or simply the browser itself.
If we are listening to Spotify from its application and it has stopped working, the first thing to look at is if the Spotify web player works, being able to isolate the problem much better. If the web player is working correctly, then the problem is in our application.

Free spotify

The truth is that there can be several reasons why Spotify can not open in Windows 10, therefore, the solution to the problem will depend on the cause of this. If what we can not do is to log in to Spotify, then the solution is to perform another series of checks.
Although in many cases over saying it, it never hurts to remember that a simple restart of the application can solve the problem if it is something simple and punctual. Therefore, it is something that we can try before proceeding with the following steps that we show below.
To try to fix the problem, what we need to do is to open a Windows file explorer, select our memory card drive and right-click on it. Then, we select the Format option and in the window that opens, we choose the corresponding file format and click on Format. Once the process is finished, we can check if Spotify does not open in Windows 10 or if on the contrary we have finished with the problem.

The spotify application is not responding reddit

Before we talk in a more detailed way about common Spotify problems, it’s important to mention that most of them can be solved in a very simple and similar way. Of course, we bring you some more specific solutions in the points below.
If the app gets stuck, if playlists disappear, if the screen goes black out of nowhere, if songs won’t play or things like that, the first thing to do is to restart your smartphone. If that doesn’t work, check if you have any pending updates to download.
If this is your case, try removing the SD card and check if Spotify works normally for a few hours. If you notice that this is the cause of the problems, the best thing to do is to format the SD card before putting it back in the device. If the problem is not resolved, try reinstalling Spotify and update it whenever possible, as this should minimize any issues in the app.
Sometimes it’s a matter of luck, but waiting a few minutes and trying again may resolve the situation without major problems. Luckily, you don’t have to worry so much about this, since

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