Upload music to spotify

Upload music to spotify

How to upload music to spotify as an artist

Spotify does not have specific earnings, although it must be recognized that it does not pay a fortune. Remember that, above all, it is the best showcase to showcase your work, so the benefits will come in an indirect way in the case of success.
Payments for listening to certain songs: there are applications that allow you to earn money for listening to songs a certain number of times each month. This requires some requirements, such as having a minimum of 400 listeners per month.

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To get local files in Spotify that we have in our storage, we must follow a few simple steps, always taking into account that it has to be with the desktop version for Windows and knowing that, if we have a Spotify Premium account, the local content can be heard on other mobile devices.
Thanks to this Artist profile you can have certain extra powers in your profile, you can announce concerts or events that you are going to attend to let your followers know and as Spotify has agreements with Ticketmaster, for example, you could even sell tickets if necessary.

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In the case of remixes, if the original song is not yours, you must obtain permission from the copyright holders of the original version (such as author, composer or publisher), as well as permission from the owners of the audio recording of the original version (most often the record label that produced the track). Your track will be considered a remix if you have used part or all of the original recording. So, if you want to upload your own rendition of Lady Gaga’s «Shallow», or the definitive remix of «Old Town Road», it is in principle possible. You just have to make sure you have written permission.
There are three possibilities here: You can either submit your tracks to Spotify’s editorial team for consideration for official playlists, contact unofficial selectors, or curry favor with Spotify’s algorithm. Check out our detailed Guide to Spotify playlists.


You’ve spent hours putting your blood, sweat and tears into a song, and finally, your hard work pays off. You love your new track and you’re absolutely sure you have a viral banger!
This works in your favor, because if one track is doing well, you can pay the fee and reap the rewards of that track, while simply uploading the other tracks that aren’t doing so well for free.
You can even get a low quality «mp3 only» membership for as little as $1 a month (with a limit of 10 tracks). This is definitely one of the most cost-effective options due to its low prices and no limits for monthly users.

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