Your year in music spotify

Your year in music spotify

Spotify wrapped 2021

To review your annual summary in Spotify, you just have to enter this link and log in with your account, or if you enter from your mobile (iOS or Android) it will surely give you the option to open it directly from Spotify (as long as you have the app downloaded), if so, it will take you to «Your 2020 in Spotify», enter where it says «Everything you listened to in 2020» and your truth will be revealed.
The best part of all this are the two playlists Spotify creates for you after the experience, one with what you listened to most «Your Top Songs» and another with «What You Almost Missed» recommendations, full of popular 2020 releases similar to your tastes.
Spotify also opens up its creator experience for podcasters and artists where they can review how their fans consumed their content by logging into Spotify for Artists or Spotify for Podcasters.

Audio habits

The first thing you need to do is to log in to the Spotify mobile app. The procedure is exactly the same on Android or iOS. When you enter the app, click on the new window What have you been listening to in 2020? for Spotify to automatically generate your list.
And after that, it will create an image with a summary in Instagram Story format, with a share button to send it to any of your social networks. You have four different formats for you to share the 2020 summary image you like the most.

Spotify stats

To access the experience, artists can log in or sign up for Spotify for Artists. There they will be able to find data such as total hours streamed; increases in followers, total and new listeners; information showing the journey of an artist’s top song as it traveled the world, the time when it had the most listeners at the same time, number of times it has been included in a playlist, countries where the artist was first heard, and more.

Spotify wrapped

To enter from the application, the first thing to do is to go to the «Search» button on the main screen, where different categories will appear. You will have to scroll down until you find the one that says «2020 in summary» and enter there. If your phone is up to date, you may be able to see it as soon as you enter the app.
«Thank you for spending these 67 months of 2020 by our side. The moment we’ve all been waiting for (or dreading) has arrived,» Spotify teases, before displaying a screen with all your favorite 2020 stats available to share on social media.
To view it from the computer application, the modality is similar. You have to enter «Explore» and there will appear the 2020 in summary, where the list of «Your favorite songs in 2020» and «Hits you missed» are included. However, you can’t see the animation in history format of the statistics.
In addition to the personalized lists, from any device you can see a large number of lists with Argentina’s favorites, both the most listened songs and artists of 2020 throughout the country. In the same way, Spotify elaborated lists with the most popular podcasts.

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