Amazon prime twitch subscription

Amazon prime twitch subscription

How to subscribe to a twitch channel with amazon prime

We are going to explain how to subscribe for free to a Twitch channel, one of the benefits included within Prime Gaming, formerly known as Twitch Prime. This is the series of exclusive benefits for Amazon Prime subscribers within Twitch, the popular streaming platform that also belongs to the online store company.
In this article we are going to start by explaining to you what exactly Twitch subscriptions are, and their different levels. Then we will tell you what particularities Prime free subscriptions have, and we will finish by explaining how to subscribe for free to a channel.
The aim of the subscription system is that users can financially support the streamers, who are the people who make the broadcasts on their channel. Thus, with this financial support they can try to dedicate themselves more professionally to the broadcasts, which in turn makes them create more of that content that you like about them, and that is the reason why you want to support them in the first place.

Twitch subscription

Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million. In this way, it added to its virtual army a platoon of video game fans who spend hours and hours in front of their computer screens watching (or broadcasting) games on Twitch. It seems like a lot of money for a business so far removed from internet sales, but if you look at all the details the pieces end up fitting together.
If you don’t have any Prime subscriptions available yet, the button will be dimmed and will show the date when it can be used again. In case no date is displayed, check your Amazon account to make sure it is correctly linked to your Twitch account and that your Prime subscription is active and includes a monthly subscription.    You’ll find more information about subscriptions on the Prime FAQ page.
If you already have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, you will be able to link your Amazon account. If not, please confirm that you are in a qualifying country or territory.  If the steps are not clear to you, we’ll show them in a simpler way:

Prime subscription not yet available

The Free Prime Gaming Subscription option only appears if:Note: Although Prime Student members can access Prime Gaming, they will only receive a subscription to a Partner or Affiliate channel during the free trial period.
the free trial period. If they have previously used the free trial, they will not receive a channel subscription with Prime Gaming.Channel subscriptions with Prime do not automatically renew. Redeem your Prime Gaming subscription each month when you receive it to keep the subscription to a specific channel.

No puedo suscribirme a un canal de twitch con prime

Sin embargo, Twitch Prime está incluido en tu suscripción a Amazon Prime. Así que para cancelar Twitch Prime, tendrás que desconectar tu cuenta de Amazon Prime de tu cuenta de Twitch.  Puedes hacer este cambio a través de la página de configuración de tu cuenta de Twitch, utilizando cualquier navegador de tu Mac o PC. A continuación te explicamos cómo hacerlo.
5. Este método te permite cancelar Twitch Prime sin cancelar tu suscripción a Amazon Prime.  Sin embargo, si cancelas tu suscripción a Amazon Prime, tu cuenta de Twitch se desvinculará de tu cuenta de Amazon automáticamente, cancelando así tanto Amazon Prime como Twitch Prime al mismo tiempo.
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