Configurar open broadcaster para twitch

Configurar open broadcaster para twitch


You have asked us how we can configure OBS to stream on Twitch. So in this post we want to show you how to set up OBS for streaming on Twitch. We will give you a few simple steps to get everything ready for streaming.
A good Internet connection and if possible wired. A good and stable Internet connection will help the broadcasting to be of the best possible quality, especially if it is in HD. The technical requirements for Twitch can be found on the Twitch website.
A good PC with minimum requirements of: 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent AMD, 8GB of RAM and an updated operating system (Windows 10 for example). It will make broadcasting much easier. A decent graphics card would not be bad either.
As for software, Twitch practically from its beginnings has gone hand in hand with OBS (Open Broadcaster or OBS Studio). It is the program that we will use to broadcast our content. And it will also serve us for other platforms such as Youtube.

Twitch transcoding

To configure OBS Studio so that we can broadcast our games over the Internet, we will only have to get the ‘stream key’ of our Twitch account, something that we can easily do by consulting our dashboard. Among the configuration options, OBS users will be able to choose from the resolution to the frames per second, including audio outputs. In addition, we can change the video encoding system, or set keyboard shortcuts.
The app also allows us to record our games and store them on the hard disk. To do this we just need to change the option to broadcast, to store locally. In this way we will be able to save any game in MP4 format.

Twitch stream obs

Being a cross-platform program, you have the option to take different sources and combine them, in order to achieve a perfect stream. The software also allows you to record voice and use the webcam, among numerous other video features.
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The Open Broadcaster Software is an excellent broadcast medium, when it comes to sharing content about video games or general entertainment. However, what are the benefits of using the OBS Studio software to broadcast online via streaming?
The second method is the manual one. Here it is necessary to request the streaming key to be able to synchronize both services. To obtain it, click on the «Get streaming key» button. The Twitch portal will open in your browser. If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your data to log in to the platform.

Ajustes obs streaming

Puedes establecer rápidamente la configuración básica para la principal plataforma de streaming Twitch y OBS te avisará alertando si algo no está optimizado correctamente. Para otros servicios de streaming como YouTube Gaming, Mixer, Smashcast, etc. también puedes utilizar esta guía ya que las configuraciones básicas suelen ser las mismas. Si hay ciertas características que son diferentes o cambios que debes conocer, las respectivas plataformas te lo harán saber.
Ahora vamos a revisar las secciones de configuración de OBS Studio. Así sabrás dónde encontrar lo que buscas. Además, también explicaremos qué ajustes hay que hacer para optimizar tu rendimiento en Twitch. Puedes encontrar todos los menús de los que hablamos a continuación en Archivo->Configuración.
Aquí puedes hacer algunos ajustes útiles, como establecer una pregunta de seguridad al iniciar una emisión. De esta manera, puedes evitar que tu transmisión en vivo en Twitch se inicie demasiado pronto por un clic accidental. También puedes establecer si tu stream debe ser grabado directamente y cómo deben posicionarse las fuentes por defecto.

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