How to broadcast on twitch

How to broadcast on twitch

How to get started on twitch

There are several basic items needed to start streaming, but you don’t need to go broke! Budget can be an issue for many amateur streamers, so if you have to prioritize some items over others, here’s a list of the most important things:
The most essential component of a stream is the device you will be streaming from. Your PC’s primary task will be to run the streaming software, so we recommend that you check the encoding and that it has the minimum requirements to do so. Most mid-range computers (both PC and Mac) should have no problem running a basic game, audio and webcam software and streaming software.
Sometimes sound quality makes the difference between the success and failure of a broadcast, and providing good sound for a broadcast can substantially change the viewers’ perception. The impact of the cost and quality of the headset and microphone is not as great as that of the audio setup. Consider the type of content you are going to create and choose the most appropriate microphone to optimize its performance regardless of its quality. Are you broadcasting from a noisy or soundproof location? Condenser microphones pick up a lot of ambient noise, while dynamic microphones only pick up sound projected directly into them. If you do your homework and research beforehand, you’ll have great sound and your broadcast will be successful.

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3. Dale un título a tu transmisión, añade tu cámara HD de PlayStation 5 si está disponible, personaliza la posición de la superposición y mucho más. También puedes elegir las opciones de calidad de vídeo en la sección Captura y transmisiones del menú Sistema.
5. Para detener la transmisión, pulsa el botón Crear de tu mando, selecciona Transmisión en las opciones de Crear y, a continuación, selecciona Detener transmisión. También puedes pulsar el botón PlayStation para detener la emisión a través del Centro de Control o de la tarjeta de emisión. También puedes seleccionar Pausar la emisión a través de las opciones de Crear para tomarte un descanso.
Para aumentar la calidad de tus transmisiones, te recomendamos que te asegures de mejorar el audio y los visuales. La calidad de su audio es fundamental para ayudarle a conectar con los espectadores. Si estás interesado en invitar a los espectadores a ver tus reacciones mientras juegas, tendrás que comprar la cámara HD de PlayStation 5.Personaliza tu transmisión
Lightstream es un estudio de streaming basado en la nube en el que puedes añadir superposiciones, alertas, múltiples escenas y otros medios a tu stream de PlayStation sin necesidad de invertir en un ordenador de streaming o en una tarjeta de captura. Configura tu proyecto en un navegador web y tus personalizaciones se añadirán a tu transmisión automáticamente cada vez que salgas en directo. Incluso hay un mando a distancia para cambiar las escenas con tu dispositivo móvil. Para utilizar la integración, se requiere un simple ajuste en la configuración de red de tu PlayStation y un plan Lightstream. Todos los planes incluyen una prueba gratuita de 7 días y empiezan a costar 8 dólares al mes. Más información sobre Lightstream.

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Twitch, a new form of entertainment, has established itself on the Internet, albeit unnoticed by many. With the platform, users view each other as they play video games, exchange comments via chat and praise the stars of a world that some don’t even know exists. It is therefore not surprising to wonder what Twitch is. In this guide…
If you participate in Internet discussions, it is recommended that you respect netiquette. If you break these rules of politeness, you will not only make a negative impression, but your posts may be deleted and you may be banned from making further comments. Since netiquette is similar everywhere, these problems can be easily avoided.

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You need to have some basic tools to be able to start a stream, but you don’t need to spend a fortune either! Budget can be an issue for many hobby streamers, so prioritize the tools you need now over those you can get later. The most important things to consider are:
The computer is an essential component when it comes to streaming. Running streaming software will be your PC’s primary task, so you need to make sure it has the minimum specifications for the software you choose, as well as the encoding. Most mid-range computers (both PC and Mac) should have the ability to run basic game, webcam and audio software, and streaming software.
As with sound, the type of content you create can also help you determine how much money you should invest in a camera. For example, if you plan to stream in the «Conversations» category or non-gaming content such as Art and Illustration, you will probably want to invest more in a camera or lighting since this will be your main content. If most of your stream is focused on a game you are playing, the camera you choose will have less of an impact on the overall quality of the stream.

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