How to cancel twitch prime

How to cancel twitch prime

How to cancel sub na twitch prime

If the method you used to sign up was to link your Amazon Prime account (something that allows you to get Twitch Prime for free), the truth is that we can think of very few reasons to do so. With a Prime account on the service we can access the free catalog of games that is published every month, and we can also support monthly all those streamers that we want (one per month for free).
But if you are tired of all these promotions and want to keep your digital life tidier and cleaner, probably what you need is to cancel your subscription and stop having the Prime seal that has been identifying your account all this time.

Cancel amazon prime

From the Amazon Prime platform you can subscribe to Twitch with the opportunity to enjoy one month completely free as a trial. In this case, you can cancel the account without paying or anything and without renewals.
Founded in 2011, Twitch is a social network dedicated to broadcasting live videos to interact with users in real time. Users within the platform can be content creators, subscribers or followers.
In its beginnings, the platform was exclusively for video game lovers (gamers) due to the high level of users or content creators dedicated to broadcasting games of a popular video game. But, thanks to its worldwide growth, many people with different tastes have joined.
Since 2014 the platform was bought by Amazon who is in charge of its new updates and benefits as a subscriber or content creator. Within the Amazon platform this page is called Prime Gaming and has an extensive list of privileges for gamers.

Twitch subscriptions

Twitch is a very complete and accessible platform free of charge for all users who use it, however it has a paid version known as twitch prime. This version comes to give exclusive benefits to users who decide to pay for it, to improve the experience considerably on the platform.
You should know that your personal information will remain part of the twitch platform, it cannot be deleted permanently, but you can delete any link from your account. Delete browsing data, delete links to your social networks, this in order to leave no trace of links to your account, this only as a very extreme security measure.
For people who come through their Amazon prime account, they get one month of subscription totally free, or also known as trial period. In these cases cancellations by users also occur, and it is really simple to do by following the corresponding steps.

Amazon prime

As you may already know, Twitch is a leading streaming platform for video games, because, apart from its quality of service, the amount of promotions and rewards make it the perfect place for gamers. We explained it all to you back in the day, in this mega guide to how Twitch works in 2021.
Of course, to enjoy all its advantages it is necessary to subscribe to the Premium service (known as Twitch Prime) for which you must pay a fee. The advantages of having Twitch Prime are many, however, there are users who after having such an account look for ways to cancel it.
When you register in Twitch, this platform offers you a free trial of the Premium service, which lasts 30 days. After the trial period is over, your credit card will automatically start to be charged for the monthly cost of the service.
It is possible that some users, for some reason, do not wish to keep the Premium registration, as they do not intend to pay for the service or use the free trial. If this is your case and you intend to cancel your Twitch Prime subscription permanently, then you should proceed as follows:

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