How to change twitch name

How to change twitch name

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In a larger audience with a fast-moving chat, it can be difficult to get your message across. One way to increase the chances of your message being seen is to have a different color in the chat. Your color in Twitch chat does not affect the color of the text you type. Instead, the color of the Twitch chat is the color of your username in the chat.
Note: Some people use third-party chat clients, these do not necessarily follow Twitch’s color scheme settings, so your custom color may not be displayed there.
To change the color in Twitch chat, click the «Chat Identity» icon on the left side of the message window at the bottom of the chat column. In the chat identity pop-up window, you can select one of the 15 predefined named colors below in the «Color Name» section.

How to change your twitch username from your cell phone

Before changing your Twitch username you must know the prerequisites, a series of conditions that you have to meet before the platform will allow you to change the name of your profile. Here are the two main requirements to change the name on Twitch:
If you meet the two main requirements described in the previous section, then you can proceed to change the name of your Twitch user. Of course, you may wonder what are the consequences of changing your user name on the purple platform. Below we answer the main questions:
When you change your Twitch username you must also change the links of your Twitch user, since when you change the name, the previous one will be inaccessible, since Twitch does not redirect links and the user will not find you.
If you change your Twitch user name, all your saved streaming statistics from your previous user will be deleted, since they will not be associated with the new profile. Therefore, it is advisable to export the stats from the previous user to the new one.

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You can change your Twitch name without any inconvenience, the platform lets you do it, but for this you have to meet some requirements and besides this, people who are usually more perceptible have different options.
On the one hand, you must take into consideration that when you make this change, the streaming statistics that Twitch had of you will be restored because they will no longer be associated with the new name. Therefore, we invite you to export the statistics before you do so.
On the other hand, you must remember to move each and every one of the Twitch links you have on your social networks, since when you change your name the old link will not redirect your followers to your channel and will make it difficult for users to find you.

How to change your name on twitch from your cell phone

Do you have a Twitch account and don’t know how to change your username? This platform allows you to change your profile name on occasion, but you have to meet certain requirements. In addition, there are different options for those who are more ‘visible’ on the platform and who usually comment on streams or even broadcast live. In this article I will tell you the requirements and the steps you need to follow to change your Twitch username.
The streaming service offers a tool that allows you to change your username. once every 60 days. Remember that you cannot reuse a name associated with another account, even if it is inactive.

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