How to host twitch

How to host twitch

How to host on twitch when offline

The Twitch platform allows you to host other users’ content on your channel through the Host Mode. If you want to know how to host on Twitch and use the Host Mode, keep reading this step-by-step guide.
All channels on the Twitch platform feature Host Mode. However, what is Host Mode and what is this feature for. With the assistance of this tool, the broadcaster is allowed to host a stream from any other channel, without disturbing the server chat. This is a very practical utility. Ideal for when the streamer is offline.
In order not to lose activity on their channel, they can host the live stream of another channel so that the community has something to watch. It is a user-to-user support method that favors everyone, especially those with a smaller number of viewers. Viewers have the opportunity to browse, follow and subscribe to the hosted channel, as long as it is a Twitch partner. They can also continue to use the benefits of the host channel.

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Hosting on Twitch is basically «hosting» another channel’s live stream on your channel. You keep your chat and you keep your channel but what is being viewed is from another content creator who is online.
As Twitch itself explains: «When you start hosting another channel, your player and panels disappear and are replaced by a new player showing the selected broadcaster’s channel. A banner at the top of the channel page alerts all viewers that they are watching hosted content and a button below the video player allows them to return to your offline video screen and information area if they so choose.» That’s how we get that visibility.
Once we’re doing that, we can make changes or transitions, exit it… To exit the hosting, you have to type /unhost in your channel chat and you’ll get a notification to tell you that you’ve exited the channel.
You can also make transitions from one channel to another. Simply use the /host command three times in a row within a thirty minute period. When the channel you host goes offline, you host a different channel.

How to host on twitch from your cell phone

Hosting is a popular way for Twitch streamers to broadcast another channel’s live stream to their own audience. It is usually done as a way to help promote other Twitch users, but it also works as an effective strategy to keep a channel active while the owner is not streaming their own content.
To begin hosting another channel, simply enter /host in your own channel’s chat followed by the username of the target channel. For example, to host the official PAX Twitch channel, you would enter /host pax. The hosted channel can be changed up to three times every half hour. To disable hosting, enter / unhost.
Hosting another user’s stream is completely optional. There are no hosting requirements to be an active member of the Twitch community. However, there are several reasons why hosting is a good idea.
Hosting another channel will also get your account prominently displayed within the Live Hosts category of the Twitch website and apps. This can lead to new users discovering your account and possibly following you.

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Twitch channel hosting is another most effective and popular method streamers use to deliver content to their viewers even when they are not broadcasting their stream. Twitch channel hosting on your stream refers to your live stream broadcasting another channel on your Twitch channel while your stream is offline. Hosting another Twitch channel on your stream kills two birds with one stone; this helps other Twitch users and promote your streams, which is very important in Twitch’s peer-to-peer community (we streamers should stick around, you know?) while making sure your audience finds your content engaging even when you’re not streaming.
Hosting another Twitch channel on your stream helps build relationships with other potentially mutually beneficial streamers, and since you have significant control over the content you host on your stream, your audience gets their content fix when you haven’t reached out. . Hosting another user stream is a completely optional endeavor and being an active member of the Twitch community is not a prerequisite at all, but a tactic used by most successful Twitch streamers.

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