How to link amazon prime to twitch

How to link amazon prime to twitch

Twitch prime

Sin embargo, Twitch Prime está incluido en tu suscripción a Amazon Prime. Así que para cancelar Twitch Prime, tendrás que desconectar tu cuenta de Amazon Prime de tu cuenta de Twitch.  Puedes hacer este cambio a través de la página de configuración de tu cuenta de Twitch, utilizando cualquier navegador de tu Mac o PC. A continuación te explicamos cómo hacerlo.
5. Este método te permite cancelar Twitch Prime sin cancelar tu suscripción a Amazon Prime.  Sin embargo, si cancelas tu suscripción a Amazon Prime, tu cuenta de Twitch se desvinculará de tu cuenta de Amazon automáticamente, cancelando así tanto Amazon Prime como Twitch Prime al mismo tiempo.

Twitch prime subscription

To make the most of your Amazon account you can convert Twitch to Twitch Prime, which will allow you to find games exclusively and keep updated weapons and other loot from your video games.
The first thing you should know this Amazon has different services, one of them being Amazon Prime. This platform allows you to watch movies exclusively, access the best music content, use your mail and convert Twitch into a Premium account, called Twitch Prime or Prime Gaming.

Twitch amazon account

As you may know, the Twitch streaming platform is part of Amazon Prime services. Twitch Prime is achieved after linking Twitch with Amazon Prime, once this is done you will have access to free games, game loot, exclusive content, surprises, ad-free viewing and many other advantages.
Performing these steps, if you are not a Prime user, you should keep in mind that during the 30-day trial period you will enjoy all the advantages of Amazon Prime, along with the Twitch Prime service. When these days are over, you will be charged the fee of the Prime subscription plan you have chosen.

Link amazon prime com twitch

Twitch has just announced that they will start giving away video games on a monthly basis to all Twitch Prime subscribers starting March 15, 2018, thanks to a new program called Free Games with Prime. They will start by giving away five games, including Superhot and Oxenfree.
To start claiming free content offers with Prime you can click on the crown-shaped icon that notifies you of what’s available. There you will see the free games for each month for you to claim.
Depending on the platform to claim the game you may have to connect your Twitch account again. For example, if the game is on Steam, you will need to connect your Steam and Twitch accounts to claim the games on that platform.

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