How to play twitch

How to play twitch

Twitch jungle

Twitch, a new form of entertainment, has established itself on the Internet, albeit unnoticed by many. With the platform, users view each other as they play video games, exchange comments via chat and praise the stars of a world that some don’t even know exists. It is therefore not surprising to wonder what Twitch is. In this guide…
If you participate in Internet discussions, it is recommended that you respect netiquette. If you break these rules of politeness, you will not only make a negative impression, but your posts may be deleted and you may be banned from making further comments. Since netiquette is similar everywhere, these problems can be easily avoided.


It’s like any sport: some people are passionate about playing and others are happy being spectators. Are you a gamer? Learn how to stream on Twitch, polish your skills with your favorite game, and accumulate fans! Who knows if we are facing the next Rubius or Ranboo.
Once registered or if you already have an account, click on your username in the top right corner. Before you start streaming, head over to Twitch’s community guidelines page to learn about rule violations. These include promoting racist, homophobic and ageist views, as well as making derogatory comments about military veterans and people with disabilities. Nudity on the broadcast is also prohibited, and you are expected to do everything you can to prevent your viewers from engaging in hate speech and harassment.
Downloading OBS couldn’t be easier. To get started, click on your username in the main Twitch interface and hit the Creator Control Panel link. A Twitch update changed the way things work, so you’ll find yourself looking at a page that looks like this:

Twitch rims

Twitch is the most used streaming platform in the world, which belongs to Amazon. There are many who invest hours every day to broadcast their content in order to have followers and an important audience. If you want to stream on Twitch, but do not know how, you are in the right place because below we will explain step by step what you need to do to get started.
Twitch is very simple and also free to use (in fact, you can even make money with it) but it has a number of requirements, especially technical, that you must take into account before you start.
Before we start registering on Twitch to make the first steps, you need to know that you must meet certain specifications in your equipment to be able to broadcast live. The requirements are as follows:
The first step to start streaming is to create an account on the Twitch platform. As soon as we enter, we click on the purple «register» button in the right corner and fill in the personal data (remember that the username is the name that will be shown in the streaming).

How to make a twitch channel

Something fashionable for some time now among video game fans is to publish their games on different platforms. In this sense, YouTube is one of the sites where we can find this type of content, however, Twitch is the platform par excellence of the most gamers.
In August 2014 the original site closed declaring its intentions to focus all its resources and efforts to Twitch and shortly after it was announced that Amazon bought the platform for an amount of 970 million dollars.
At that time, followers were able to give some tips to their referral streamers. Likewise, content creators could include some paid broadcasts with some extra bonuses for their most loyal fans.
Specifically, Twitch is a streaming video platform focused on video games where we can find games played by users, eSports broadcasts and other events related to video games. But it is also a global community, the social network for video game lovers.

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