How to use twitch

How to use twitch

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Since its acquisition by Amazon, Twitch has not stopped growing, taking advantage of the success of eSports around the world. It has gained so much popularity that there is even a TwitchCon that allows you to meet streamers, play games and participate in eSports competitions.
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Given this exponential growth of the platform and to prevent users from getting tired of the same type of content, Twitch has decided to bet on new formats and diversify its content offer.
Last July, for example, several Premier League matches were broadcast live on Twitch, and organizations such as the NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB already have accounts on the streaming platform.

Twitch platform

Confinement has led many young people to stay at home, and among the activities that have taken off the most are multiplayer gaming. This has led many people to discover Twitch’s video game streamings, and to share their own live streams. Although it should be clear that on Twitch you can find all kinds of topics beyond gaming, let’s see what Twitch is, how it works, and some tricks to take advantage of its benefits.
If your live streams are liked, you will gain followers and viewers, and then options will open up to earn money through advertising, sponsorships, donations, subscriptions, commissions from game sales, etc.
Of course, you don’t have to upload live streams to use Twitch. You can also log in as a viewer to watch the streams of the most famous streamers, such as Oablock, Ibai, etc. You can follow the ones you like the most, and even become a subscriber of your favorite channels by paying a monthly fee, to get certain privileges, and Twitch is also a platform where you can buy games. If you are an Amazon Prime member it is possible to activate Twitch Prime to get free games every month, add-ons for multiplayer games, etc.

How to make a twitch channel

This time we are going to show you both the most essential functions for you to learn how to use it and other tricks a little more advanced. It is not that it is a service too complicated or with many tricks and surprises, but with this article you will learn all its functions and nooks and crannies so you know how to get the most out of it.
If you are just getting started on Twitch, one of the first steps you need to take is to follow your favorite games and the channels you are most interested in. If you follow specific games, there will be more priority on your main screen for broadcasts where they are being played. And if you follow specific channels, you will be notified when they start a stream.
When you enter a stream, you’ll see it on a relatively large screen, but surrounded by quite a few Twitch interface elements. If you want to focus on the broadcast, there is a portrait mode that makes the video take up the entire browser screen except for a right column that will be left for comments.

How twitch works to earn money

Something fashionable for some time among video game fans is to publish their games on different platforms. In this sense, YouTube is one of the sites where we can find this type of content, however, Twitch is the platform par excellence of the most gamers.
In August 2014 the original site closed declaring its intentions to focus all its resources and efforts to Twitch and shortly after it was announced that Amazon bought the platform for an amount of 970 million dollars.
At that time, followers were able to give some tips to their referral streamers. Likewise, content creators could include some paid broadcasts with some extra bonuses for their most loyal fans.
Specifically, Twitch is a streaming video platform focused on video games where we can find games played by users, eSports broadcasts and other events related to video games. But it is also a global community, the social network for video game lovers.

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