Sounds for twitch alerts

Sounds for twitch alerts

13:11how to create and install sound alerts into streamlabs obs in 2020stream schemeyoutube – 14 jul 2020

<p>8-bit version of the song Astronomia, that song that features some <strong>black people dancing with a coffin</strong> on their backs. The meme celebrates the «death» of the protagonist, whether it’s a painful fall, an accident or a blow.</p>
<p>8-bit version of the soundtrack of the video game <em>Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time</em>, specifically one of the songs with more rhythm and more catchy of the game, the <strong>Gerudo Valley</strong>.</p> <p></p>
<p><strong>Bella Ciao</strong> is an Italian folk song which many consider it as an anthem of the anti-fascist resistance, in the series of [1545::The Paper House] popularized it making it known worldwide. This tune is an 8-bit version.</p> <p>.
<p>Phrase of one of the <em>most famous <em>youtubers</em>, he calls himself <strong>El Rubius</strong> and dedicates you a nice «Subnormal» for you to use it in whatsapp custom notifications.</p>
<p>This is one of those weird ringtones where I can’t give too much explanation…. To understand it all better watch the video, there are some dogs barking to the rhythm of a melody in the purest retro 8-bit style. I do not want to know anything. :)</p>

4:19how to setup twitch alerts in obs – follower notifications tutorialgauging tutorialgauging gadgetsyoutube – 11 mar 2018

There are many tools that allow us through a series of settings to define alerts, to notify followers, subscriptions, who has hosted or raided you, donations, bits, etc. So today we want to focus on how to set alerts on your Twitch streaming.
In other tutorials we have already indicated the importance of using the OBS Studio application in your streaming, and with it we can also set up alerts on Twitch. You will also need to have Streamlabs OBS installed. In 2021 it is no longer necessary to install it, we can do it via web by logging into Twitch from the Streamlabs website.
This is probably the most important interaction for your audience, specifically talking about Twitch widgets. Every time a viewer of your Twitch stream subscribes, makes a bit donation or raids you, an alert will be played in your live stream with an animation, customized to your liking, showing the user’s name and a few words of thanks that he/she has dedicated to you.

Stream alert sounds

Twitch alerts are special notifications that appear during a broadcast on the official Twitch website and applications. Each alert can be customized by the streamer to trigger when something specific occurs, such as a new follower or subscriber, and their visual and sound effects can be changed.
The alerts themselves are powered by a number of third-party services that can be linked to OBS Studio. Here’s how to set up Twitch alerts with three of the most popular services and connect them to OBS Studio.
StreamLabs is the service most used by new and experienced streamers for their Twitch alerts because of its ease of use and support for Twitch features like bits. Here’s how to set it up.
Muxy offers a variety of free add-ons for Twitch streamers, such as donations, greetings and, of course, alerts. After logging into the Muxy website with your Twitch account, follow these steps to create your alerts.

Divertidos efectos de sonido para el streaming

Los sonidos de alerta de Twitch no son más que sonidos que se reproducen cuando uno de tus espectadores realiza una acción especial. Esto incluye, por ejemplo, suscribirse a tu canal o dejar una donación. El sonido de alerta de Twitch que se reproduce aporta entonces un poco de movimiento a tu flujo y, en el mejor de los casos, también se asegura de que otros espectadores realicen la misma acción para volver a escucharla.
Los sonidos que elijas dependen de ti. Debes asegurarte de que los sonidos se ajustan a ti o a tu stream y en el mejor de los casos entretienen a tus espectadores. También es una buena idea idear un movimiento especial que realices cada vez que se reproduzca uno de tus sonidos de alerta de Twitch. Esto aumenta la probabilidad de que otros espectadores realicen una acción.
Hay varias formas de utilizar las alertas de Twitch. Puedes utilizar nuestra extensión gratuita de Alertas de Twitch (especialmente para jugadores de consola), o herramientas como StreamElements o Streamlabs. Tanto con la extensión como con las herramientas puedes elegir entre diferentes alertas o subirlas tú mismo. Además, también puedes elegir entre los sonidos correspondientes o subir un sonido tú mismo. Con un sonido de alerta Premium de Twitch ofreces a tus espectadores y colegas streamers una respuesta a sus follows, subs, raids, hosts y otras notificaciones. ¡Un sonido atractivo puede incluso hacer que la gente interactúe más contigo!

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