The game awards twitch

The game awards twitch

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We are going to explain what Prime Gaming is, formerly known as Twitch Prime, and how you can use it to get free games and other advantages every month. This is one of the Amazon Prime perks for users who also use their account on Twitch, the streaming system that belongs to the online store company.
The games that are given away each month in Prime Gaming on its website can be seen in our free games of the month articles. Let’s start by explaining what this program is and what advantages it offers, and then we will tell you how to redeem and use their monthly free games.
Prime Gaming, which until now was known as Twitch Prime, is a paid service of Twitch, with which you can improve your experience within the streaming platform with advantages that only paid users will have. Among the advantages stand out, as we will tell you later, some free games that will be given to you month after month, as well as packs with add-ons for other games.
This service is part of the Amazon Prime subscription service pack. This means that if you have contracted Amazon Prime you will have Prime Gaming for free, and if you want to have it you will have to contract Amazon Prime for 3.99 euros per month, which will also allow you to enjoy the other advantages of this Amazon service.

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This is the world’s largest live streaming platform, with 71 million hours of content daily. In the first three months of 2021 alone, Twitch users have watched 326 billion minutes of content. This figure is already almost half of the 660 billion in total in 2019.
It can be quite difficult to choose which platform to follow and which not to follow. To help you recognize the best streaming services, we created a list of some ideal platforms for streaming games:
Twitch is a free platform. Just by visiting the website, you will have access to a variety of videos and streams. In addition, the paid account offers a lot of additional customization options, such as access to chat rooms and exclusive emoticons. is the latest entrant in the video game live streaming scene. If you want to subscribe, you can create an account for free on your PC or mobile device. However, you will only be able to stream from your computer. On your mobile device you can only watch content and chat.

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Since its acquisition by Amazon, Twitch has not stopped growing, taking advantage of the success of eSports around the world. It has gained so much popularity that there is even a TwitchCon that allows you to meet streamers, play games and participate in eSports competitions.
Post links on your channel to an Amazon product. If a viewer buys a product through your link, you will get a commission for all the products in the shopping cart, not just the ones advertised.
Given this exponential growth of the platform and to prevent users from getting tired of the same type of content, Twitch has decided to bet on new formats and diversify its content offer.
Last July, for example, several Premier League matches were broadcast live on Twitch, and organizations such as the NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB already have accounts on the streaming platform.

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In doing so, the streaming platform expanded its reach and in 2016 also recorded record-breaking results.What is Twitch.Twitch is above all about enabling other users to participate in the gaming experience, and to this end, players show the community what they see on their screen. The video streaming portal expands with other features that make the broadcasting platform an active community, but what can be done on the platform and what technology underpins it?
Technique usedTo stream screen content, many Twitch users use Xsplit or the open source solution Open Broadcaster Software, which supports Windows, macOs and Linux systems. Both programs offer links to Twitch and allow for easy integration. Most current game consoles (PS4 or Xbox One) already have the streaming function integrated into the system.
In addition to the software, Twitch streamers need good hardware to achieve good broadcasts: PriceIn principle, Twitch is a completely free service that does not require registration as a viewer and where broadcasters only have to pay for their personal equipment. Since Amazon acquired the platform, users can register for Twitch Prime, a special variant of Amazon Prime. In addition to additional Amazon services such as Prime Video, Prime Music and premium shipping, the streaming platform also offers some extras (skins, characters, game credit, etc.) and complementary chat functions.

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