This war of mine twitch

This war of mine twitch

Warzone live youtube

Twitch has evolved from a live video platform used mainly to broadcast the games of video game fans to a social network that has brought together content creators of all kinds with an ever-growing following.
As for content creators, there are four ways to make money with Twitch: monthly paid subscribers (subscribers), donations from viewers, advertising on the channel, and leveraging sponsorship and affiliate agreements.

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Starting in Mexico and Turkey on May 20, the price of existing subscriptions, new paid subscriptions and gift subscriptions will change. In Europe and other countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, these changes will be implemented starting in the third quarter of 2021.
Gradually, Twitch will begin to implement what they call a reduction in subscriber pricing, confident that it will «drive growth and revenue for creators in the long term.» However, it seems obvious to think that a price drop will mean less revenue for content creators.
The price of Tier 1 subscriptions on the web is equivalent to approximately $4.99 in all countries. Now, this basic price will be adapted to each country, as the platform explains that the percentage of active users in Europe or Asia is up to 50% lower and in Latin America 80% lower. To make this percentage of support for creators more similar in all markets, the platform has announced a radical change in its pricing structure.

Warzone live stream – youtube

Twitch Prime subscription allows us to get several video games monthly for free, in addition to offering packs of some titles and other gifts, but the promotion announced today is probably the best that has enabled to date, because it will allow us to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online totally free.
To enjoy this very interesting promotion it is essential to have a Nintendo account linked to a Nintendo Switch console and a Twitch Prime account. Once this first step is completed, it will be possible to redeem the three-month subscription from today until September 24.
Once this offer is obtained and after 60 days as a Twitch Prime user, you will have access to the free nine-month subscription as long as it is redeemed before January 22, 2020. In both cases it must be done through the following link.
It should be noted that once the three-month free subscription ends, the automatic charge will be made for a subscription of the same amount of time unless the automatic renewal is cancelled. The same will happen with the nine-month subscription, although in this case the charge will be made for an annual subscription.

Warzone stream

We are inevitably drawn to war games. Although they reflect the basest of human beings: violence, blood, pain… they also offer us technology, heroism and epic. Why do we like war in videogames?
MacArthur (the general who was in charge of coordinating the offensive in the Pacific during World War II) used to say that the soldier, above all others, is the one who prays for peace, because he is the one who has suffered the deepest wounds and scars of war.  It is one of many famous quotes that I could have used to talk about the horrors of war. For if the wise men (and there have been some) of our history are characterized by anything, it is by their rejection of confrontation. Armed conflicts are «per se» a regrettable act, in which many lives are lost, others are ruined, and great amounts of capital and effort are devoted to destruction. But they are also the hammer and chisel that shape our reality: wars are the true engine of human progress, above all other artistic, cultural or economic concerns. And sometimes they are inevitable to solve injustice.

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