Twitch fails sin censura

Twitch fails sin censura

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That the operators ruled out problems on their side, that with a VPN the Twitch live streams worked perfectly and that not all operators were affected initially pointed to a possible blocking of the domain, as was later confirmed.
Other sources also confirm that the blocking was not the result of a court order, but of a formal request from Telefónica Audiovisual without the intervention of a judge. In February, in fact, a ruling cleared the way for Telefónica Audiovisual Digital to order Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil and other operators to block streaming websites without rights in the future without having to go through the courts.
Although the service is still unavailable in some major operators, such as Movistar, it has already been restored for Vodafone and Movistar users. The erroneous execution of the court ruling therefore seems to be correcting itself, although neither Twitch nor other operators have so far offered specific data on how long the problem could last.

El secreto del éxito de twitch, la plataforma que ‘roba’

Cuando recibimos una notificación de la DMCA, la procesamos de acuerdo con nuestras Directrices de la DMCA. Esto incluye eliminar el contenido, compartir los detalles con el propietario del canal y hacer un seguimiento de la denuncia.
Esto significa dos cosas: 1) si reproduces música grabada en tu stream, debes dejar de hacerlo y 2) si aún no lo has hecho, debes revisar tus VODs y Clips históricos que puedan tener música y eliminar cualquier archivo que pueda tenerla.
Esta repentina avalancha de notificaciones nos sorprendió tanto como a muchos de ustedes. También nos dimos cuenta de que teníamos que ofrecer a los streamers más programas educativos y herramientas de gestión de contenidos para ayudarles a lidiar con este número sin precedentes de notificaciones que llegan de golpe. Así que, aunque seguimos eliminando los contenidos objeto de estas notificaciones, tal y como exige la DMCA, comprendimos que los VOD y los Clips de hace años no reflejan necesariamente su enfoque actual de la música. Por lo tanto, también pusimos en pausa el procesamiento de las huelgas asociadas a estas notificaciones por lotes para darle las herramientas, la información y el tiempo que necesitaría para lidiar con ellas.

Among us: we almost got banned by gemma from twitch

If just a few days ago we talked about the difficult fit in Twitch of pool streams, after the partial demonetization of the channel of the popular streamer Amouranth, and that invited us to think that this type of content could have its days numbered on the platform. And it is that the rules of use of the platform did not seem particularly conducive to a type of transmission so clearly sexualized, which does not fit with the rest of the content that, at least in theory, Twitch intends to offer.
However, it seems that the interpretation of the disabling of several pool channels to show advertising that many of us made at the time was totally wrong and, what’s more, it seems not only that the platform has no problem with pools, but also wants to assign them a specific space, specifically a category, in which streamers can classify their live streams and users can find them quickly.
And it is that after the protest by Amouranth, which mainly criticized not having been previously informed by the platform (a point on which I fully agree), Twitch has published a lengthy statement in which it addresses the issue of pools, explains the reason why it blocked advertising on such channels and also reflects on its own way of acting and on the reaction to such content.

Trick to stream copyright uncorrected on

Succubus, the new video game set in the Agony universe, was supposed to be released on July 21. However, it has not been until now when Madmind Studio has finally pronounced to explain why it has not been released yet, indicating in passing that it has added a new delay.
The reason is that the team needs to polish some details and correct a number of bugs that have been detected in order to ensure a perfect and problem-free result. For this reason, the team has preferred to postpone the arrival of the game and set a new date for October 5.
Although the video in question is somewhat censored, this will not be the case for the final version, as we have already seen in a gameplay, which will be playable in less than two months. For now you can try a demo that is available for download on Steam to get an idea of why Succubus will be such a beast.

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