Twitch plays dark souls

Twitch plays dark souls

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Twitch is one of the platforms where video game fans demonstrate their great skills and creativity. Speedruns of various themes are also very common; recently we could see a user who made one for all Fallout titles being the fastest player to have intimate relations in each of them. However, there are others that don’t turn out so well, such as the user who had a world record smashed by a blue shell in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or the protagonist of this same story. He failed at the most inopportune moment when he was approaching a record in the Souls saga.

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After 6 grueling weeks in which thousands of players joined together on Twitch to play Dark Souls at the same time, the community recently achieved its greatest accomplishment to date: finishing From Software’s difficult game.
At first, the picture looked complicated. The method used in previous events like Twitch plays Pokémon proved too chaotic to even get past the first level. This led the channel administrators to modify the game.
TwitchPlaysDark implemented a new democratic mode that paused the game for 30 seconds after each action. During this period, players decided the next order by majority vote. Broadcasting became tedious but the new system had excellent results.
From then on, Twitch made steady progress and it wasn’t long before they beat the game’s toughest bosses. Now, YouTube user whydoyoubark edited the final battle in the video below.

4:51twitch juega a dark souls: ornstein & smough derrotadowhydoyoubarkyoutube – 11 sep 2015

La comunidad de Twitch derribó a Gwyn, el jefe final del juego, el sábado por la noche. Los jugadores que están detrás del stream impulsado por el chat sufrieron 904 muertes en el camino hacia su logro final, y eligieron el final del Señor Oscuro como su decisión final. Las imágenes de la transmisión fueron grabadas y pueden verse arriba.
Completar el juego fue difícil, no sólo por la elevada dificultad del juego: Después de elegir seguir el modelo establecido por Twitch Plays Pokemon, en el que los miembros de la sala de chat luchaban por declarar la democracia o la anarquía para dictar cómo se jugaba, los jugadores se vieron incapaces de pasar de la primera zona del juego.
Twitch Plays Dark Souls vio la derrota de Ornstein y Smough, sus jefes más difíciles, después de 28 días.  Esta pelea, junto con otras batallas contra jefes, se ha archivado para que los fans puedan maravillarse con el logro.
Jugar -y terminar- Dark Souls de forma inusual ha sido un fenómeno reciente. Aficionados como Benjamin «Bearzly» Gwin han compartido imágenes de sus intentos y éxitos en la lucha contra el juego utilizando mandos como la batería Donkey Konga, el control por voz y otros métodos de juego desafiantes.

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In this new chapter of «Players who complete game bosses by refusing to use controllers» is this Twitch user and partner, FryderykG_, who seems to have taken it to a new level. He has stood up to Artorias, one of the most well-known and beloved bosses of the entire saga created by FromSoftware, only to defeat him.
Apparently, as a controller he decided to use his piano and as a sight to be attentive none, because he has done it blindly throughout the battle against the boss. We have to say that in the battle was corrupted by the abyss and was a truly demanding and melancholy fight, within what is a fight in Dark Souls.
And you may be wondering, how could he do it? Well, we leave you inserted the tweet so you can see for yourselves, but from now on we tell you that the video has a duration of 1:28. Although not everything is the boss, at 35 seconds he had already finished defeating the Knight Artorias.

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