What are twitch bits

What are twitch bits

10,000 twitch bits

As you may already know, donations, bits and subscriptions are a way to earn money on Twitch. Moreover, they are a very stable source of income, specifically subscriptions will allow us to earn more money than ads for example. That is why in this article we are going to focus on subscriptions and how much money is earned on Twitch per subscriber in 2021.
Being a subscriber of a streamer allows us to support that content creator, but also we, as users, will have a number of advantages, such as emojis, badges, being able to talk in chat only subscribers, without ads, etc.

Twitch bits to euro

The second most used method is to send a certain amount of Bits through the platform’s own system, called Cheers. Here users can make all kinds of payments at the time they want while the broadcast is taking place.
This is a visual method (it is seen by all users who are connected to the live stream) and also interactive, since the streamer can thank us live for the donation. Many streamers generate a personalized animation when someone makes a Cheers.
To offer Bits there are two methods available. The first option is to click the button to send Bits in the same place where you type in the streamer’s channel, specifically next to the emojis. Another method is to type ‘cheer’ followed by the amount we want to offer.
You can currently buy 100 Bits for 1.53 euros, and up to the amount of 25,000 Bits in case you can afford to spend 330 euros instantly. Below, we offer the various offers that Twitch offers its users.

How to donate bits on twitch

We are going to explain what Twitch Bits are, how they differ from the Cheers to which they are linked, and what their price is. It is one of the methods that Twitch has so that users who make broadcasts can get money for it from the people who are watching them.
Let’s start by explaining in the most complete and simple way possible what exactly are the Bits. Then, we will tell you what Cheers are so that you can see the differences, and we will finish by telling you the prices to buy Bits.
The prizes will be sent to you in the form of Twitch Bits. Bits are a kind of token or unit of currency internal to Twitch, and you have to buy them first, and then you will send them to the streamers you want.
There are two ways you can send the Bits you want. On the one hand, you have the icon to send Bits in the same space where you type in the streamer’s channel, right next to the emojis. You can also type the term cheer in the channel followed by the amount you want to donate. For example, you type cheer100 to send a Cheer of 100 Bits.

How to buy bits on twitch on mobile

In 2018, this website achieved a new audience record: 600,000 people connected simultaneously to watch a live broadcast of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, one of the most popular streamers or content creators on Twitch, thanks to a game of Fortinte: Battle Royale.
One of the great achievements of this website has been to combine that popularity with several payment systems that help maintain the service and above all help streamers financially. On the one hand there is the Premium subscription that is included in Amazon Prime, and on the other hand, we have the patronage system based on Bits and Cheers.
The word cheer means in English to cheer or encourage, so you can get an idea of what cheers are used for on this website. Actually, we could describe them as messages of encouragement, where in addition to sending a message like “I like your channel”, you give them a monetary contribution, i.e. with bits.
As a thank you, in the chats of each of the channels that you have supported, you will be given an emblem that will identify you as a sponsor of that channel and will allow you to access the exclusive chat for subscribers.

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