An advertiser wants to know if shopping ads will appear on youtube. what should you tell her?

An advertiser wants to know if shopping ads will appear on youtube. what should you tell her?

How useful can the performance planner be for your business?

YouTube for Action is composed of formats that use Smart Bids technology to obtain conversions or conversion values. What are the two elements needed for its success? Select all the correct answers
Action: online conversions, store visits, sales effectiveness Motivation: incentives, calls to action, engagement Moral: increased satisfaction and retention, approval Development: enhancements, pre-roll ads, experimentation
Six-second ads on YouTube generated the same level of ad recall as a 30-second version on another site. Ads that include a person speaking directly to the camera generate lower ad recall. View-only ads have a stronger response to the brand compared to those that can be seen and heard. On-screen text, subtitles and voiceovers are associated with higher levels of brand awareness. Ads in which the product is shown on-screen generate higher recall of the ad.

What are the three main factors that determine the quality of an ad?

A running shoe company might be more interested in reaching the affinity audience of marathon runners than the «sports enthusiast» audience. With custom audiences, that company could enter keywords, URLs and app names to define this audience, as follows:
Enter website addresses (URLs) that your ideal customers would likely visit. Your ads will be shown to people who browse websites similar to the URLs you enter.
If you had already created intent-based custom audiences or custom lookalike audiences, you don’t have to do anything. All the elements you entered when creating those audiences will be migrated to custom audiences. In addition, if the Custom Audiences or Intent-based Custom Audiences have keywords in them, the following will occur:

What is one of the main advantages of adaptive display ads?

Alex has a client who is not sure if he should include YouTube in his online advertising strategy. What are the advantages of YouTube’s audience solutions that Alex should talk to him about to put his mind at ease?
One of Arturo’s clients is an architect who wants to use YouTube to reach more potential customers. He thinks that creating a generic ad will suffice, but Arturo knows that’s not a great idea. What insight into the relevance of YouTube ads can Arturo give his client to get him to change his mind?
Sergio is a YouTube content creator who uses the platform’s innovations to launch videos to meet users’ needs and can reach more than two billion monthly active users. On YouTube he has the freedom to be who he is, find opportunities and make his hobby a livelihood. What is it about YouTube that allows creators like him to do the same?
Diego’s new client is a renowned theater owner who has been in business for decades and has decided to venture into YouTube advertising. His goal is to generate shares and use the platform’s audience solutions to reach users interested in buying a ticket. What solution should Diego recommend to him?

Why should advertisers choose youtube for action?

The data speaks for itself. Advertising on YouTube is not just a trend, but one of the most powerful and effective digital tactics to boost a brand’s traffic, reach, sales, positioning or engagement levels.
An interesting aspect of YouTube Ads is that it allows you to limit the number of impressions and visits of an advertisement. The purpose of this is to prevent users from viewing the same message excessively, as this could create a feeling of rejection towards the brand.
Through the YouTube Analytics tool you can obtain measurable and quantifiable results of the performance of your advertisements. All this, through a series of ad metrics and related reports.
If you want to learn more about this tool, take a look at our article YouTube Analytics: What is it and what features does it have? and also at the YouTube Analytics section of the YouTube Operations Guide.
There are several types of formats for advertising on YouTube Ads, which are evolving as the platform evolves, including new options, functionalities and mechanisms of action.

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