Anna ferrer youtube

Anna ferrer youtube

Anna ferrer – yo me pregunto (videoacústico)

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One day with me – anna ferrer

Her mother Paz is not very happy about her daughter’s recent popularity. Her intention in Youtube is «to make videos that may interest you, about anything… trips with friends, beauty, fashion…», a very simple goal that does not convince her mother. In fact, her videos disappeared for a while, but in the end she came back.  «I was afraid to upload this video because it is a link between my mother and this world with me and Youtube. My intention was to separate these two worlds, but I saw the opportunity, I thought it was going to be something cool for you, that could enrich and interest you and I did not hesitate and I recorded it. | Instagram

Adéu – anna ferrer

View this post on InstagramA post shared by ANNA PADILLA(@annafpadilla)She started her 2.0 wanderings on YouTube. In that channel she told a little bit of everything and began to generate a loyal base of followers who
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Anna ferrer – sa finestreta

Paz Padilla’s daughter has exploded on social networks following the accusations of several Internet users who claim that she is a ‘plugged’, claiming that she is a hard worker and that, despite being a privileged daughter of the popular presenter of Telecinco, she has worked and continues to work hard for her career.
Some comments following her videos on her Youtube channel have resulted in Anna Ferrer having to vindicate herself, especially because Paz Padilla’s daughter is doing an internship at Mediaset, the company where her mother works as a presenter of ‘Sálvame’, a situation that has generated several criticisms.
Many have called her ‘plugged’ or ‘maintained’, to which the young woman has responded that «I assure you that I work very hard and I am aware of the luck I have, precisely because of that luck, I could have taken the easy way and I do not,» said Anna.
«I go to class, I study, I work and I also work in networks. I don’t know what I have to do or what I’m expected to do. I just do those blogs on Youtube so that people can see that my life is normal,» she continued.

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