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Carmen porter youtube

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Carmen Porter has returned this Thursday to her YouTube channel with a new video. The journalist had to take a break last week after the death of her second dog. That is why in this new installment, in which she has talked about electronic masks, she also wanted to talk about the recent loss of her pet.
«It’s a matter of life and these things happen. Unfortunately animals don’t last as long as some people, because there are also people who leave too soon, but they are loved so much because in the end they are someone in the family. We have had two losses in a row,» he said.
However, due to the very complicated situation the country is going through because of the coronavirus pandemic, Porter wanted to clarify something. «With everything that is happening and the losses that people are having, well, maybe it looks bad to even say it, but they are also part of our family and it feels as if they were one more,» she explained.
Holding back tears, the journalist said that they are sad in the family, but eager to continue doing things. «We know that we have given him the best life and that we have tried everything, but when it can no longer be, it can’t be. Now he takes care of us from above with Merlin. I don’t want to be sad, I have already cried as much as I have to cry, I will continue crying, but well, there are also new illusions out there,» he concluded.

Anti-heroes 2 with iker jiménez and carmen porter

Milenio Live is the format that Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter have developed these past months after the end of Cuarto Milenio. A new space located in Youtube that this Thursday has returned to the video web with the resounding absence of him. Something that his wife has had to explain to all the intrigued fans.
yt «This will be the quarantine that we are going to take, because we are going to stay at home,» Porter continued, explaining that «once he will do it, once I will do it, and other times together». These words were made with a more than visible anger. And it is that the co-host of the extinct Cuarto Milenio is upset.

A coca cola with carmen porter #concdecarmen

YouTubeThe journalist Carmen Porter on her YouTube channel, ‘Con C de Carmen’.The deputy director of Cuarto Milenio, Carmen Porter, replied this Thursday to a user who made a foul comment to her. The journalist, who shared on her profile the return of La estirpe de los libres, the YouTube program she has with Iker Jiménez, to talk about the coronavirus, did not hesitate to defend herself.  It all started with Porter answering a user who asked him if when they returned to Cuatro he was going to have freedom. «We have always had freedom. Look at February’s program where everything that was going to happen was already anticipated. Everyone said the opposite and that program was broadcasted!», the journalist replied.We have always had freedom. Look at the February program where everything that was going to happen was already anticipated. Everyone said the opposite and that program was broadcast!!!- Carmen Porter (@carmenporter_) July 28, 2020Then, another user entered, who was the one who kept the exchange of opinions more tense.
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3×20 – unboxing of shein

I had something in me that moved me inside, I needed to make a song about something that is currently happening. This is a feminist theme, but I wanted to explain it from what I live, from what my environment lives and from the conversations I have with my friends, with my mother, with my aunts… I am very grateful to have a speaker and I am going to use it to explain a little of what is happening to me, what is happening to us. Because if this is not happening to us, why did so many women take to the streets on March 8?

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