Descargar musica youtube offliberty

Descargar musica youtube offliberty

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There are several online portals available on the Internet that offer excellent content, but most of the content is difficult to browse offline. With this, you can easily browse their content and access it later even without an Internet connection. The best thing about this tool is that it does not require registration or other personal information to download the content.
Offliberty is also known as audio and video downloader that helps you download high quality digital content without any limitations. To use the service, you must visit the Offliberty site, enter the URL of the content and press the OK button. In a few seconds, your content is ready to download. The platform has a set of key features that make it better than others.
ClipGrab is not just a YouTube downloader. It is a tool to download YouTube videos and convert them to your preferred format for free. The support for video sites is very large. Whether it’s Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, YouTube or any other video streaming or sharing website, ClipGrab will give you a free hand to download all kinds of video for free.

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And is that YouTube does not allow a direct way to save the videos that are hosted on their servers. However today there are several ways to download a video from YouTube to your computer, tablet or smartphone in a simple, uncomplicated and fairly quickly.
Now and to download any video we must insert the URL of the video, although in most cases this does not usually give the intended results. To do this it is best to take the address that we find in each video to share it that is located just below the description and next to the options of «Embed» and «Email». In case you do not know where you can find this URL in the following image we explain it in detail (you can see the steps to follow framed in red);
The first option is the audio of the video that will download very fast and the second one is the complete video that will take some more time. If the video is one hour long do not despair because it will take a long time to download completely.


Offliberty is a website that allows you to extract and download the audio from a YouTube video. All you have to do is copy the video link and paste it in the bottom bar. Then you must click on a button that simulates a lighter to start the conversion. Then you choose where you want to save the file on your PC and that’s it.
ClipConverter is another of the most faithful and traditional converters on the Internet. The process remains the same as above, although over time it has evolved and supports new formats -especially video- such as 4K, 1080, 720 as well as MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV and MKV. The audio conversion formats are: MP3, M4A and AAC.
The good thing about these websites is that you can perform the conversion on both PC and mobile without any hassle. Choose the video link, press the button that starts the conversion and then choose the folder to finally place the file.
To have more download options and circumvent censorship, in case it happens, install the Tampermonkey extension. Thanks to this tool you will be able to enter an online video site and download the file in MP4 or if you prefer the audio, in MP3 format. This process can also be done in the same way with jDownloader, one of the most famous download managers on the Internet.

Offliberty alternative

It is very simple to explain, OffLiberty is a tool that will help us to download any video found on YouTube. This is very beneficial, since the downloaded video can be saved on a hard disk or on a memory.
Once a while has passed and the download is finished, a box like the one shown below will appear, in which we will choose whether we want to keep the audio or the video. Now, to download the video we will only have to right click and select «Save link as…» this will automatically allow us to download the video, but if we want only the audio we will have to click where it says «Extract audio».
When we choose the file format we want, a window will open on our computer that will ask us for a name for the file and will ask us where we want to download it. With this we will have the YouTube video on our computer to enjoy it offline.
You may also be interested in reading: How to activate Youtube Premium for free in 2021? As you can see, downloading audio or video from YouTube is very simple using OffLiberty. This process will only take us a minute or two at most and we will have any video at our fingertips to enjoy it anywhere.

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