El hormiguero pilar rubio youtube

El hormiguero pilar rubio youtube

Pilar rubio achieves the impossible – el hormiguero

The new television season is heating up ahead of a month of September that seems to be one of the most competitive between the two major networks in our country. One of the great assets of Antena 3 is the return of El hormiguero, which is already promoting its return playing the game of misdirection with the possible absences of Pilar Rubio and Tamara Falcó.
With a promo in which the ranchera Volver, volver by Vicente Fernández plays in the background, the network announces the new season. «Trancas returns, Nuria returns, Marron returns, Barrancas returns, Pablo returns. Don’t cry anymore, on September 6th El hormiguero returns», it says.
Another important collaborator who has attracted attention for not having any mention in the promotion of El hormiguero is Tamara Falcó. The star signing of the current affairs talk show, and who has starred in so many great moments, has already missed several times to his post.
Where you can see that everything could be a promotional strategy of Pablo Motos’ program is with the case of Pilar Rubio. Although the collaborator has just started a new life in Paris with her family after the signing of Sergio Ramos by PSG, she made it clear at the end of the season that her continuity was assured.

Latest trends – pilar rubio – el hormiguero

As it is logical, the possible permanent stay of the player in Paris or in some British city if his destination ends up being the Premier League, will change the lives of his wife and children irremediably.
Pilar said a happy goodbye to Pablo Moros when he confirmed that they would see each other again soon, because «next season you will be back, of course». A comment to which Pilar has answered in the affirmative, assuring that whatever Sergio’s professional future, he will remain in his position in the Atresmedia program. What’s more, before leaving the set, she confirmed her words with a «until September» as a farewell.
So, it seems that Pilar will remain in Madrid at least part of her time, even if she and her family have to move their residence abroad. For his part, Ramos will also have to remain linked to Madrid, as he will soon start a new sports project in the capital.

El hormiguero – pilar rubio does a dance with black lights.

Instagram and YouTube have become a perfect tool for celebrities to promote themselves and the brands they collaborate with. But watch out not only for Cristina Pedroche, Sara Carbonero, Paula Echevarría or Pilar Rubio these networks are reason to rejoice, but there are also videos and photos on them that, of course, they would like to delete.
Those were the times when Rubio worked in Sé lo que hicisteis, many before meeting Ramos and becoming a top celebrity as she is today. Old times that, in fact, many miss.

Pilar rubio overcomes vertigo, fear and wind in this challenge.

Rugby is growing and Quesos Entrepinares is the maximum exponent of this. El Hormiguero 3.0′, a television program of worldwide relevance, bet on the club to participate in one of its sections, starring the presenter of Cuenca origins Pilar Rubio.
Irene and Rodolfo joined, together with Pablo and Pilar, to put the typical face of the players in the ‘Haka’. Then, Pilar Rubio demanded the presence of the VRAC players to dance with her. «Let the Quesos Entrepinares enter. The VRAC of Valladolid, current League Champion». And Sean Conner, Kalo Gavidi, Berny Hall, Scott Manson, Troy Mangan and Stefan Moir stood ready to impress all the viewers of ‘El Hormiguero’.
The set fell spectacularly silent as Conner captained the ‘haka’ with the complicity of his compatriots and Fijian Gavidi. They all did it synchronized with Pilar Rubio, who did a great job and proved to have learned the lesson of the week.
The success was such that Pablo Motos improvised and asked to repeat it. The players hesitated because of the unusual situation. Not only did they accept, the second time was even more spectacular than the first and ended with a resounding applause after several minutes in which the VRAC was the absolute protagonist of ‘El Hormiguero’.

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