Himar gonzalez youtube

Himar gonzalez youtube

Himar gonzalez 06/06/2021 complete

YOUTUBEHimar González on Antena 3. Himar González, presenter of Antena 3’s El Tiempo, gave viewers a scare a few months ago when she posted a photo from the hospital.  The meteorologist in charge of informing viewers about the weather on Atresmedia’s weekend news programs, along with presenters Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo, told in December 2020 that she had been admitted to the hospital.  Now, in an interview to Semana magazine, she has told that those days she was on the verge of losing her life due to septicemia.  «It is an infection that once it passes into the blood is very dangerous because in 48 hours, approximately, you say goodbye to this world. Besides, we were at a time when it was a bit of a mess, it was the second wave, it was advisable not to go to the emergency room because the situation was still not very good,» he said.  After spending 24 hours with a fever of 40, she decided to go to the emergency room: «The doctor listened to my ears, gave me some antibiotics and did some tests. She didn’t tell me what it was and then a little bit of everything came out».

Himar gonzalez 15/05/2021

Well, just recently I had an unexpected consequence, and it was an exaggerated hair loss that lasted more than a month. I did some research and I realized that it was a side effect of the septicemia. I went to my doctor and, indeed, he told me that just two or three months after having such an intense infection, you begin to have an absolute loss of hair, because in that process in which you are with extreme infection, growth is completely paralyzed. The body, its mechanisms and its ‘wisdom’ fascinate me more and more. Now I am already growing all those lost hairs. So I have a full head of ‘baby’ hairs, does this change your life?
4 of 8Is it an advantage to be a meteorologist when traveling? Sure, even when it comes to knowing what you’re going to wear (she laughs). What happens is that you won’t care about the weather at your destination. In the end, if you have to go on vacation on certain dates, you can’t do anything against it. In fact, in my travels I have enjoyed practically everything, from historic snowfalls in Rome, for example, to floods like never before in Asia, the Amazon or even Kenya. But for a meteorologist, this also has its morbid side… hehehe.

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In France, a further step was taken. Although it should be clarified that it was a bet, the French Canal+ meteorologist, Doria Tillier, attracted the audience one day by giving the weather report completely naked. Tillier proved to be a girl of her word. The reason for this television uncovering was none other than a sports bet in which she promised that if the Gauls qualified for the 2014 World Cup, she would give the weather in the nude… and so it was.
In Romania, the weather presenters’ outfits have nothing to do with the elegance and discretion of our meteorologists. Neither do the merits. There, being a meteorologist does not require great efforts as long as you know how to dance and you can show off a dizzying neckline. The combination of both factors once led to the protagonist, Daniela Crudu, doing a Janet Jackson in prime time.
Back to sanity. Another example for which our country has to be thankful for not turning the daily meteorological space into a show in the purest «Mamachicho» style. Minerva Piquero has been another of the faces of Antena3 announcing the storms and hot days in the most professional and elegant way possible.

Himar gonzalez on antena 3 (19/12/2020)

We are used to seeing Himar Gonzalez at around three o’clock putting emoticons of sunshine on the southern part of the map and clouds in the north, but there has been a change (not climatic) that has led her to another of our screens: the mobile. The presenter has uploaded to her Instagram a picture in which she could be seen lying in bed and with not a very good face, the poor thing.
Himar has been positive and wanted to emphasize that it is not a coronavirus infection. In addition, the meteorologist thanked the treatment of specialists towards her, trusting to return to activity before the next heat waves, news in summer: «they are taking care of me wonderfully. So I have no doubt that we will see each other soon, with more strength!» We hope so Himar!

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