Javier iriondo youtube

Javier iriondo youtube

Sofared n55 javier iriondo, how to reinvent yourself and change in your company

Entrepreneur, writer, lecturer and Strategic Intervention Coach, Javier Iriondo has extensive professional experience in different business areas. With a background as a professional athlete in the USA, from 1987 to 1990, where he began his professional career specializing in marketing, commercialization and personal growth.
He is a consultant specialized in Strategic Intervention Coaching, probably one of the most advanced techniques of HNP (Human Needs Psychology), which achieves the fastest changes, personal progress and the resolution of internal and emotional conflicts. Javier advises and consults in this sector on a personal and private basis to personalities, athletes and individuals in search of change, personal transformation and emotional conflicts.
Javier Iriondo’s self-improvement talks are intended to be a wake-up call and an awakening that generates a motivating impulse to make decisions and take concrete actions that generate changes and results.

Javier iriondo

How I wish I could travel back in time and avoid the death of that loved one, arrive at the exact moment to turn around and avoid a sad experience or stop before making a huge mistake.
Sometimes you need a giant spatula to help you detach yourself from your past to move forward, an initial impulse that motivates you to improve your life and, although your grandma’s advice and self-help books are fine, sometimes you need something different, something that shakes you up, something that really opens your eyes and motivates you to action….
This book is exactly what you’ve been looking for. An inspiring story of self-improvement that will help you find the answers you need to make important decisions and shape the future you want for yourself.
Tania: How nice it shows and well of course it is the product I feel that the book is like the product of a past full of your experiences, failures and learnings and in fact in the book you mention that you were in a very strong crisis abroad, tell us a little of this rock bottom in your life that influenced you a lot. ….

Overcome your fears and strengthen your mind | javier iriondo

Sofia, a middle-aged woman completely focused on her professional life, is told that she has only a few months to live. From that moment on, Sofia begins a path of personal transformation and what at first is tragic news becomes a life lesson in which her whole world takes on a new meaning.
In order to communicate everything that this experience has transmitted to her, she decides to organize a farewell party for all her friends, to whom she will make three very special requests in her letter of invitation.

Forinvest conference by javier iriondo

Living in the present does not mean not thinking about the future, it means living in the now much more intensely and not letting worries about the future constantly affect us. We are going to have problems, but sometimes the worst moments we live, end up becoming the turning point that changes everything.
He also talks about the importance of the emotional well-being of workers in a business environment: if the employer is concerned about maintaining that well-being, the commitment of his workers will be greater, there will be more enthusiasm and desire to work every day, because the environment will be much more beneficial for everyone. It is impossible for a person to leave personal problems at home before going to work, because we are not “emotional islands” and we must try to promote this well-being in the environment.

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