Javier ordieres youtube

Javier ordieres youtube

Javier ordieres

For the month of July we have thought of a runner with whom we share the passion and enthusiasm for racing. He has recently participated in races such as Transvulcania and Tenerife Blue Trail in which he achieved an excellent result. Although we can not physically count on his presence in the islands, we can know about his daily life in his Youtube channel from where he daily informs us of his routines as a runner, material tester and recently as a trainer. Our runner of the month is JAVIER ORDIERES.
I started running in 2012, because after finishing my university studies, I went to London to learn English and get work experience. Running served me as an escape route during those months to clear my mind and keep me always positive.
The best description would be that I am just one of many. I don’t have a spectacular genetics that makes me better or different from the rest, but it is the constancy and daily work that have made me achieve very nice goals.

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That’s the most interesting part of these races and what we runners like most about these types of races, what the psychological moments are. In races as long as these you have a lot of peaks.
Exactly, that’s one of the things that I often comment on my channel many times: in races of this type do not leave anything to the air, try to think before in all possible situations that you can have in the race and have everything prepared for it.
No, the truth is that I’m very happy because, as I say, this started a little more as a joke, but seeing that people reacted, that people liked it, and especially the videos I make of these long distance races, where you see those psychological peaks, I always try to record them.
Yes, exactly, because then with the months, and seeing that the channel was working very well, that people liked the content, because they were not only videos of the race or running videos but it was to expand a little more the subject matter. For example, do reviews of material, recommendations of material, as you say of the watch, so talk a little for example Suunto, which is one of the watches that I usually use, running shoes, training, a little of everything. We also occasionally include an interview with some professional people in this world.

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These are exercises with more general routines, applicable to both athletes and those who simply want to «keep fit», and activities without materials, which can be done simply with a mat or on a mat, to prevent people from engaging in buying items to exercise. «You are seeing that digital fitness stores are out of «stock» and people are shopping online like crazy. You have to think about the delivery people, they are not staple products, you have to prevent them from having to be handing out whims to people,» reasons the athlete.
For Ordieres, virtual training is part of his economic livelihood, and when asked by EFE if this circumstance can earn him work, he admits that «it is possible». «I live off the people I train, and having this platform can help me, that there are people who like how I do it and want to hire me to do training and planning,» he says.

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Applied to sport, the impact of the Internet and social networks has meant a new way of understanding the activity. If you don’t go out in the street equipped with helmets, phone, GPS watch and all the applications available, it seems that you haven’t gone out for a run. All this goes one step further when we add to all this set of inventions a gadget that has changed the vision of sport: the «Action Cam».
They may not be as glamorous as descents down snowy slopes or those impossible jumps between cliffs, but the fact that there is interest in knowing the events you intend to sign up for or see from the comfort of your smartphone what surrounds them has turned many YouTube channels into an entertainment platform for runners with more concerns.
It’s all well and good to talk about the professionals of the asphalt, but it’s the professionals of the networks who are doing the talking on Youtube: Valentí Sanjuan has taken it upon himself to tell us, actively and passively, how he has had fun traveling the world from race to race. More oriented to long-distance races, Pitufollow, Victor Tasende or Javier Ordieres help you understand what it’s like to run an Ironman, ride a bike across the desert or beat yourself up for hundreds of kilometers.

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