Javier ruescas youtube

Javier ruescas youtube

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What brands have contacted you? The truth is that I’ve been fortunate that there have been many different brands that have wanted to collaborate with me. Film distributors, publishers… I like to collaborate with brands, but always offering good content for my followers. That’s what I like to see myself and what I want to give to my followers. I always talk about products or services that I like, that convince me and that I really use, and I do it bringing something to the video, to the channel, to those who watch it.Between books, articles, teaching, do you live moderately well or are you, like many others, with one foot in the precariousness of work?the truth is that I am very happy with my current life and the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead.
Have you ever thought that the fame of Youtube is getting out of hand? No… in my case it has been something very gradual. I mean: I haven’t entered a TV show and when I left I was known by millions of people. People hear about me little by little, and it’s almost always because of literary themes. I’m afraid that books don’t give so much play for this to become a craze, and I’m grateful for that. Are you afraid of the day when “I’m Javier Ruescas and here we talk about books” will end? Not at all. When that day comes, it will probably be because I have something new in my hands that motivates me more and to which I will dedicate more time.

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A top-level event in which our guest today played an important role: Javier Ruescas, a youtuber with more than 200,000 followers who explained his point of view on the situation of the sector in our country. To learn a little more about what he does (and how he does it), we talked to Javier Ruescas.
I met many young people who, like me, were passionate about literature and writing who asked me for advice. I opted to take advantage of the possibilities of YouTube to talk about books and what I would have learned about the publishing market and my writing process to lend them a hand… and to this day!
I think it’s gone from trying to get everyone to like you to finding the niche where you’re recognized for something specific. For a while I thought that if I did vlogs instead of talking about books I would do better, but I soon realized that I wasn’t: that my forte was to talk about my passion, and my passion was in literature. I think that many creators have realized this and have taken advantage of it.

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On the tenth anniversary of its publication, returns the most famous trilogy of Javier Ruescas, Tales of Bereth, reissued by the author with unexpected twists.Duna is a young maverick who lives in Bereth, a kingdom led by the valiant prince Adharel. While he tries by all means to avoid war, his path will cross hers and together they will try to safeguard what is left of their world. A world where poetry is a weapon and dragons feel. A place where power struggles and the magic of fairy tales intertwine in a love story more powerful than fate itself.Tales of Bereth is a tribute to traditional fairy tales and an epic adventure that has captivated thousands of readers since its original publication. On the tenth anniversary of its release, we bring back this world, revised in depth by the author, in a new deluxe edition that will thrill and surprise both readers who grew up with Bereth and those who are entering its pages for the first time.

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In ‘Prohibido creer en historias de amor’ one of the protagonists, Cali, is closely linked to the world of youtubers, which is something that is still a very current issue. Do you think that these issues are not being given much prominence in literature?
No, I think it’s rare to find a book right now that takes place in the present and has young people involved and in which social networks are not mentioned. It is true that in my novel, Prohibido creer en historias de amor, the YouTube theme is precisely important because Cali is a girl who lives in a family of youtubers, and unlike all these kinds of stories, it is the parents and sister who push her the most to continue working on YouTube. When it’s usually the other way around. She’s the one who most craves to find that intimacy.
What about someone who has never read you before? It’s a story that talks about much more than love. Although the title refers to one of the rules that Hector has, which is not wanting to fall in love, this story talks about family, friendship, the power of words and how many of the things we say, sometimes written and sometimes out loud, change a person. And we don’t realize how they do. The book talks about the art that is being created now and the art that was there before. It also talks about the stars, about fame and how short-lived it sometimes is and how important it is to use it to change the world and make it a better place. It’s a story that is very connected to today’s world.

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