Jorge lomar youtube

Jorge lomar youtube

A course in miracles explained

Writer of Mental Ecology (2016 Edition expanded and revised), Radiant Heart (2015), Living Forgiveness (2013), by Ediciones El grano de Mostaza, and Mental Ecology (First edition 2010) and The Intelligence of Love (2008), edited by Corona Borealis.
Reyes Ollero is Director of the School of Forgiveness. Forgiveness facilitator. Transpersonal Therapist. Expert in presence in emotion, opening the heart and meditative practice and conscious breathing. Student of UCDM, UCDA; VIA and all NO-DUAL practices. She lives in Madrid. «The meaning of my life is to forgive, to look beyond the forms to recognize the Self that dwells in all that is.»

Jorge lomar school of forgiveness

This laboratory revolves around a fundamental theme in the practice of non-dual forgiveness: the deep understanding of the implications that everything is will, everything happens by your will, by your will everything is as it is, and by your will your mental state changes. Understanding will as a surrender rather than as an opposing force. The correct use and understanding of will. A very special laboratory for those of us who believe we are special.
Interesting interview by Eva G. Cribeiro to Jorge Lomar who talks about his personal transformation process, forgiveness as a way to heal the mind, how we program our ego to create a character and how easy it is to stop being victims when we can assume that we are not what we think we are.
Conference framed in the conference Consciousness with Science ( ), in its edition of Lorca, in April 2013. How the program works and what is the spiritual path of forgiveness.

A course of miracles

We have interviewed Jorge Lomar, president of the Consciousness Association for Human Growth, facilitator of forgiveness, lecturer and author of several books, including Living Forgiveness. The Conscience Association includes, among other projects, the School of Forgiveness, which helps those people who want to learn a new way of life through the practice of love and forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a spiritual path, a mentality of peace and a way of life. In reality, it is a practice of mental unity with the whole and with the other. The alternative of forgiveness is a bridge between my conflicted mind and my peaceful mind; you have the freedom to cross it, and that decision begins the process of forgiveness. Throughout the process, this decision is verified, which involves accessing broader states of consciousness, until the experience of acceptance is reached.
We often speak of forgiving one’s own character, because most of the time the process of forgiveness involves undoing the guilt that is unconsciously projected against the person one believes oneself to be.

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