La estirpe de los libres iker jimenez youtube

La estirpe de los libres iker jimenez youtube

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Cuarto Milenio began broadcasting on November 13, 2005, the same month as Cuatro itself, and has continued uninterruptedly since then. Without taking into account the news services with Noticias Cuatro (they began broadcasting in 2005, but left Cuatro’s programming in 2019 to evolve their remit through the daily magazine Cuatro al día), Cuarto Milenio is Cuatro’s longest-running program.[11] In the first 18 programs of the twelfth season, the program’s first 18 programs were broadcast in the twelfth season, with the first 18 programs being broadcast in the twelfth season.
In the first 18 programs of the twelfth season, in 2016, Cuarto Milenio was preceded by Cuarto Milenio Zoom, a 45-minute «alternative news program» through which «paraded some of the thorniest issues of everyday current affairs.»[25] In some of its more than 500 broadcasts, Cuarto Milenio has been the longest-running program on Cuatro.[26] The program has been broadcast for more than 500 years.
In some of its more than 500 broadcasts, Cuarto Milenio has tripled the average audience of the Cuatro channel, despite the continuous schedule change. Its best results were obtained in the third season (2007-2008), with an average audience share of 13.2% (897,208 viewers). The June 22, 2008 broadcast set its audience record with a 17.1% audience share and 894,000 viewers.

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Iker JiménezLa estirpe de los libresIker Jiménez closes «La estirpe de los libres», the most uncomfortable program on YouTubeThe journalist announces new projects and recalls how his space on the Internet has allowed him to continue investigating uncomfortable truths.
Send news by e-mailYour name *Your e-mail *Your e-mail *The coronavirus that «froze» our lives in March also paralyzed television. Generalist television programs, with few exceptions, began to pull reruns and many formats, such as «Boom!» or «Zapeando» took a long time to return to their normal activity in order to maximize precautions among their workers. Another of those affected by the stoppage was
«La estirpe de los libres» and with which he has shown that his legion of fans would follow him on any platform. Since «La estirpe de los libres» Jiménez has continued to touch on lurid topics, surrounding himself with experts in various fields and telling, in his own words,

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Milenio Live is a weekly live program that is broadcast on YouTube during the early hours of Friday to Saturday from Estudio Alma, in the home of Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter, who in addition to personally taking care of all the technical and production aspects, direct and present the program.
On September 21, 2018, Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter conducted a pilot experience that received the provisional title of 2 en la Noche Live to test its adaptability to real-time broadcasting. From the second program onwards, the format acquired its definitive identity under the name Milenio Live and a weekly frequency.[1] The programs, adaptable to the circumstances of the circumstances, were broadcast in real time.
The programs, adaptable to the circumstances of each broadcast and the topics addressed, have the collaboration of the regular Cuarto Milenio team and are enriched by the interaction of all users, who have the opportunity not only to send their messages or debate on the contents, but also to send their photographs, videos, greetings and documents in real time.[2] The programs are also available in Spanish, English and French.

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«They are writing to us from Argentina, where they are also a bit overwhelmed by the great Messi. What a mess that has been made…», Iker started saying. «I was watching some programs like Pedrerol’s, ‘El Chiringuito’…», continued the presenter of ‘Cuarto Milenio’.
As if that were not enough, Iker also did not hesitate to joke about Pedrerol’s threat to resign if Sergio Ramos and Leo Messi did not continue at Real Madrid or Barcelona. «Pedrerol was going to resign, they said. The famous video of Pedrerol…», he commented with laughter.

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