Manolo escobar youtube

Manolo escobar youtube

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The program will also discover that the singer left without fulfilling a wish, to meet the acclaimed Miguel Poveda. Lazos de sangre also interviews the cantaor, who pays tribute to Escobar by singing his songs for the program.In the colloquium with Boris Izaguirre will be the artist Bibiana Fernández, the collaborator Rocío Carrasco, the actress Charo Reina, the journalist Joaquín Hurtado, the singer Juan Valderrama, the former presenter of Cine de Barrio José Manuel Parada and Vanessa García Marx, daughter of Manolo Escobar.
The blood ties we have already seenIn this new season of Lazos de sangre, under the direction of Carmen Delgado, the program has already tackled the lives of Carmen Sevilla, Albano, Martes y Trece, Laura Valenzuela, Ángel Nieto, José Bono, Antonia Dell’Atte and Sara Montiel. In the next installments you will discover who was hiding behind the success of Camilo Sesto; and you will know the roots of the Windsors.The valuable Documentary Fund of RTVE has again in this season a fundamental role in the story of the history of each family. Fragments of performances, films, interviews and participations in RTVE programs… from the NODO, to know the origins; to the present day.

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El PorompomperoYoung and old have hummed more than once this mythical song by Manolo Escobar.  El Porompompero is a rumba from 1960 that took the artist to the top. It is his first big hit and could not be missing on the list.
Madrecita María del CarmenMadrecita María del Carmen is a very special song for both Monolo and his brother, José María García Escobar, who composed the lyrics in 1960. It is a pasodoble dedicated to his mother and appears in the 1966 film El padre Monolo.
Qué guapa estásMost of Manolo Escobar’s songs became popular because they appeared in the films of the versatile artist.  Qué guapa estás was also performed by the singer in the film he starred in: Todo es posible en Granada.
We could go on listing more songs by Manolo Escobar, but we couldn’t stop. That’s why we have chosen these five mythical songs by the singer from Almería that we have danced to over and over again. Which one is your favorite? Vote for him in our poll!

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In April 1990 she had the opportunity to present her first children’s show, No te lo pierdas, along with Enrique Simón. In 1991 she played Clara García in the Mariano Ozores series Taller mecánico.[6] In 1997 she resigned her contract with Telecinco and returned to Telecinco in 1997.
In 1997 she rescinded her contract with Telecinco and returned to TVE to present a new space aimed at the youngest: the contest Lo que hay que tener, which was followed the following season by the presentation of the container program Con mucha marcha,[7] which continues until September 1999.
In addition to competing in various reality shows, Leticia has also collaborated in some programs, especially on the Telecinco channel. Her most outstanding collaborations have been in the TNT program and in Sálvame, where she had her own section.[11] In 1994, she debuted in theater with a play about her own life.
In 1994 she debuted in the theater with the play Mejor en octubre by Santiago Moncada, along with Arturo Fernández.[25] In December 2001 she returned to the theater, where she staged El mago de Oz, playing the main role of Dorita. In 2005 she appeared in the play 5 with Vania Millán, Jenny Llada, Cristina Goyanes and Flavia Zarzo.

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Who doesn’t remember the Mama Chicho’s, that explosive dance troupe and divine outfits that entertained the variety shows of Telecinco? The more minutes of girls with as little clothing as possible, even with the most unlikely excuses, the better. If necessary, he even invented a contest in which you had to guess which fruits were on their nipples. Don’t you believe us? No problem, we present ‘Ay, qué calor’.
However, there was a channel capable of competing on equal terms with Telecinco in terms of gratuitous and festive sexism, Canal 9. Its presentation card, ‘El show de Joan Monleón’, was a contest-variety show with its own hostesses, the monleonetes, who appeared like this.

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