Milenio live youtube iker jimenez

Milenio live youtube iker jimenez

Milenio live

Milenio Live is a weekly live program that is broadcast on YouTube during the early hours of Friday to Saturday from Estudio Alma, in the home of Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter, who in addition to personally taking care of all the technical and production aspects, direct and present the program.
On September 21, 2018, Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter conducted a pilot experience that received the provisional title of 2 en la Noche Live to test its adaptability to real-time broadcasting. From the second program onwards, the format acquired its definitive identity under the name Milenio Live and a weekly frequency.[1] The programs, adaptable to the circumstances of the circumstances, were broadcast in real time.
The programs, adaptable to the circumstances of each broadcast and the topics addressed, have the collaboration of the regular Cuarto Milenio team and are enriched by the interaction of all users, who have the opportunity not only to send their messages or debate on the contents, but also to send their photographs, videos, greetings and documents in real time.[2] The programs are also available in Spanish, English and French.


Under the direction of Iker Jiménez and the presence of Nacho Navarro in this citadel as a collaborator of the program, the night of May 3 to 4, from the official YouTube channel of Iker Jiménez, the program Milenio Live will be broadcasted live.
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The secret meeting

The Radio Television Awards granted Iker Jiménez, the Honorary Award for Best Radio and TV Communicator in the Area of Divulgative Programs and Research 2021, at the Gala that took place last April 6 in the fantastic Auditorium El Beatriz in Madrid.
In 2002 he directed and presented a space dedicated to the paranormal and unsolved mysteries in Cadena Ser, Milenio 3 (until 2015). After several successful seasons, he made the leap to television with Cuarto Milenio on Cuatro (since 2005). As a result of these programs, he has continued to publish compilation books on the topics covered in both.

Cuarto milenio podcast

«I was surprised that people who have never published in The Lancet in their lives spoke with such sufficiency about the doctor, as if she were a hoax, just anyone. Why do I interview the doctor? Because the same people who say hoaxes are the same ones who said many things,» he said in reference not only to Ana Pastor, but also to other messages published, for example, by the spokesman of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Echenique.
«And I, yes I remember…! How can I not remember if I was almost alone? Of course I remember. And I remember with what sufficiency and with what rotundity they said that they were hoaxes to things that were not hoaxes. Do I have to trust who certifies the hoaxes?», he launched as a poisoned dart against Newtral.  «To me as a journalist what amazes me is that a virologist with jobs in these publications, which is what nobody wants you to know, it seems, why she tells these barbarities. And I, as a journalist, have to interview her.»

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