Pilar baselga youtube

Pilar baselga youtube

Pilar baselga: they pretend a widespread pucheraz0 and

Quiet conversation of @jmfrancas with Pilar Baselga, teacher concerned about the reigning lie, belongs to the citizen platform ‘Transparent Elections’, has just been blocked by YouTube on her channel where she can no longer publish anything.
PB: What I say is dangerous very dangerous for the government also they tell me that because I speak very clearly people understand me and I am more dangerous than other people who are more confused and are not so clear hahaha.
PB: We have done that in 12 provinces and what happens?  Well, as they are the magistrates who have committed the crime, they immediately dismiss the complaint. It is the same magistrate who has not done the general canvass who receives the complaint that he has not done the general canvass hahaha.
PB: All this costs a lot of money in lawyers and solicitors. It is almost easier for us to go to the Provincial Electoral Boards and demand that the law be complied with. And that is what we are going to do now in the next autonomous Basque and Galician elections.

Pilar baselga, there is no will to control the coronavirus.

The Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and his Health Minister, Roberto Roberto , today expressed their support for compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus, as well as for a third dose of the vaccine.
With the strategic objective of achieving 80% of the population immunized by the end of September, Italy is launching an open battle against those who do not vaccinate, who are even threatening violence in response.
European Union defense ministers will meet on Wednesday and Thursday in Slovenia, where, against the backdrop of the Afghanistan crisis, they will discuss the possibility of setting up a 5,000-strong EU rapid reaction force.
French authorities expect the streets of Paris to be safer, quieter and less dirty from Monday, when a new maximum speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour for drivers came into force.
Two explosions occurred Thursday outside Kabul airport, killing at least 60 people – U.S. officials said on national television that the government suspects the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group of being behind the attacks.

Educación y mentiras del poder. pilar baselga

Ernesto Gasco Gonzalo, el Alto Comisionado, María Pilar Baselga, asesora técnica y Raquel Cernuda, responsable de comunicación, pudieron conocer el Centro durante las actividades que organizamos cada tarde con los niños.
Desde la Fundación Rafa Nadal, sumamos esta iniciativa y nuestras fuerzas con el objetivo de promover una educación de calidad, potenciar el talento, romper la brecha digital, garantizar una salud física, psicológica y social equilibrada, promover un entorno seguro y protector, y fomentar la participación con equidad. En definitiva, trabajamos para romper el ciclo de la pobreza infantil.
En nuestros proyectos utilizamos el deporte y la educación como herramientas para el desarrollo de los menores y actuamos en cuatro áreas específicas de trabajo que se ajustan a cuatro importantes Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.

Why education is immoral, pilar baselga

Television is ideal for manipulating and transforming society, generally for the worse. The image offers a greater potential for manipulation than written or spoken texts. It has always been the ideal vehicle for propaganda because it appeals to the most irrational aspect of the human being. When reading a text you still retain a certain critical and reflective capacity, but the image goes straight to the heart, to the lower strata of the brain, and hits you without leaving you time to reflect. The moving image has an even greater capacity to seduce the masses and to transform our beliefs and habits.
“We need to realize that YouTube recommendations are toxic and pervert civic discussions. Right now, the incentive is to create this kind of borderline content that is highly engaging, but not forbidden. Basically, the more outlandish the content, the more likely people are to keep watching, which in turn makes it more likely to be recommended by the algorithm, which generates more revenue for the creator and for YouTube.”

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