Youtube amar es para siempre

Youtube amar es para siempre

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We cannot deny the fact that much of the blame for the success lies in its protagonists: Paula Usero and Carol Rovira play the roles of their lives, and after this participation, they will receive numerous job offers, because with Luimelia they have achieved something that many actors and actresses lack: that people know them, admire them and envy them.
Of course, the great work of visibility that is done both in the spin-off and in Amar es para siempre is one more example that Luisita and Amelia are a hymn to freedom in a society like the current one in which homosexuality is still persecuted; there is still discrimination, and therefore, the collective must continue to fight to achieve effective equality of rights. And television, with characters like Luimelia, is a great tool with which to give a voice to discriminated groups.

Loving is forever cast

Atresplayer’s new architecture benefits from key concepts such as scalability and automation capabilities by being structured around independent container-based services. This allows Atresmedia to optimize several of its most frequent processes, «significant savings» and «put an end to its scalability problems».
Atresmedia’s own IT project manager, Miguel Rodríguez, provides more details: «We are committed to providing customers with the best possible user experience. This means always looking for new ways to improve scalability, resiliency and time to market for new features. When we discovered that our application architecture was too rigid, we knew we had to do something.»

Amar es para siempre season 9

‘By Ana Milán’ arose from the famous anecdotes and the most absurd situations in the life of the charismatic actress, which she told during the confinement on Instagram and attracted thousands of followers. Atresmedia Televisión decided, in collaboration with Buendía Estudios, to make them jump from reality to fiction, taking advantage of the viral phenomenon they had become.
The ghost of Mario’s presence still hangs over Ana, floating in her apartment. To try to silence her loneliness, she throws herself into all the jobs she is offered: cinema, television, advertising…. And she goes to parties, lots of parties.  But all that stress ends up taking its toll at the worst moment: in her big opportunity in front of a Hollywood actor, Ana faints and, when she wakes up, she has one eye looking at Cuenca. Maybe this is the moment to slow down and take care of herself a little bit? In any case, Ana is going to face this new stage head on. And, if possible, with Manu by her side… if she lets him.
In theater she has starred in plays like ‘’, ‘WILT’ or ‘Hoy: El diario de Adán y Eva’ and in cinema she has appeared in ‘Al final del camino’, ‘El hombre de las mariposas’, ‘Muertos de amor’ and ‘Donde caben dos’.


The presentation of Lola, which will premiere on October 28, was attended by the daughters of the folkloric singer, Rosario and Lolita Flores, who supported the project from the beginning. During the press conference, they defined their mother as a «woman ahead of her time, generous, authentic, unrepeatable and inspiring for many artists» and were happy that with this series Lola Flores can be discovered by new generations.
Created by Movistar+ in collaboration with 100 Balas (The Mediapro Studio), the series narrates in four episodes the life of Lola Flores and has the testimony of more than 40 people, ranging from current artists such as C. Tangana, Rosalía or Silvia Pérez Cruz to people who knew her closely as Encarnita Polo, her sister Carmen Flores or her own daughters.
TVE will present in Vitoria the new season of La hora de La 1 , with Marc Sala and Silvia Intxaurrondo at the helm, as well as the new edition of Masterchef Celebrity . Emilio Aragón will offer details of the second part of the program BSO (Movistar+) in which he conducts interviews to different personalities framed in the songs that marked their lives. Veo cómo cantas , the new Antena 3 music contest presented by Manel Fuentes, will also be presented.

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