Youtube cesar brandon

Youtube cesar brandon

French poet brandon wins got talent españa 2018

I personally detest Telecinco. The network uses in many of its programs zafiedad and bad taste. Many times they have denounced behaviors, comments and situations with a marked racist and xenophobic character in their television products. That is why it is not easy for me to make a good criticism of anything that comes out of them.
This has been their main value. With each recited word, with each poem, he was destroying the walls of racism, objectification and prejudice suffered by black men in this country, especially Africans. How I loved watching that spectacle of that man tearing down walls of hatred, and what a pleasure it was to think of all those obtuse racists clutching the arms of their seats and wishing that anyone but Caesar would win.
With this background in television and fiction, it is difficult for black people to be seen in the collective imagination as doctors, politicians, policemen, lawyers, teachers, civil servants, poets or any other profession or role that is outside the mental schemes imposed by a society influenced by those media that deny us.

César brandon poems

Where can happiness be found?  Sometimes three minutes are enough to change a life. Or change many lives. Sometimes, a few minutes on television, a poem and a voice capable of touching your soul are enough to make people talk about poetry. The souls of César Brandon Ndjocu are his way of writing, his sensitivity, his voice. Yes, because his way of interpreting, that special accent and that melody with which he intones his poems, touches the soul.  Brandon’s souls are much more than a book of poems. And, of course, much more than a stellar appearance on a television program.  Paradoxically, television, that silly box full of gossip, bonfires and vanities, has served on this occasion to discover to the world a poet. A great poet.
Poetry can be pure and mathematical or it can be freer. This is how it appears in Brandon’s style, where poetic prose gives free rein to his ideas. Sometimes his messages are forceful, sometimes direct to the heart. But always touching the fiber, making you feel.

César brandon and ‘all the happiness of the universe’.

All the happiness of the universe is a compilation of short stories, tales and poems that deal with love, loneliness, oblivion, pain, joy, happiness, life and death.    An exquisite but bittersweet journey through the senses that will captivate and make the reader reflect.
César Brandon Ndjocu presents his new book. The Got Talent poet who conquered an entire country in less than three minutes.  He appeared, for the first time, in the program in the fifth gala of the third edition. After a brilliant performance in the semifinal, César earned a place in the final of the talent show. With great repercussion in the media.

César brandon wins with an emotional poem about his mother.

A story in the form of a diary in which the reader will discover the most intimate secrets of Eva, the protagonist, a young woman with a life full of enigmas. A format without a fixed order that allows the reader to jump from chapter to chapter, at will. Akeva is born from the feeling of terror, from the panic after having left a television program; a new life from which she did not know what it would bring her. A book halfway between narrative and poetry that will leave no one indifferent. After his successes Las almas de Brandon and Toda la felicidad del Universo, the author presents his most ambitious work.

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