Youtube cesar vidal

Youtube cesar vidal

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César Vidal has been completely censored on Youtube. A censorship worse than that of the Nazis looms over us. César Vidal in this urgent interview asserts, like Churchill, that “we will never give up” in the struggle “for Truth and freedom” and recommends following him on
Two weeks ago, we were censored again for the announcement – the announcement!!!! – of a program about Bill Gates.    Just five days after we were allowed to operate again, we were finally kicked out on the grounds that Lorenzo Ramirez, head of the program El gran reseteo at and in charge of the daily economic section Despegamos on the radio program La Voz had incited to violence.    We have put the program on the air so that people can judge the extent to which this statement is totally false.    Mind you, the program it advertised was about Big Tech.    Of course, we tried to appeal, but it turned out to be impossible as the YouTube mechanism announces that, as it no longer exists, we cannot do so.

César vidal the reform

With the subject matter addressed on Wednesday in the editorial of La Voz, I would be lying if I said that we did not expect a quick reprisal and that same afternoon -also by chance!- we received the announcement that Youtube was closing the channel of La Voz -a channel with more than one hundred thousand subscribers- for a week. The reason we were given was that in the Healthy Life section run by Elena Kalinníkova, the consumption of red radish had been recommended according to Dr. Shishonin’s thesis. Honestly, I confess myself unable to understand what is the danger of red radish, but Dr. Shishonin has a youtube channel in which he relates these and a thousand other things and the channel has not been closed. It may also be that as it is in Russian on youtube they do not even understand what he says.

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He is a member of the American Schools of Oriental Research or the Oriental Institute of Chicago, institutions dedicated to the study of ancient civilizations in the Middle East with the contributions made by their partners or members, and which accept anyone who pays their dues as a member, similar to an association of friends of a cultural entity. It claims to speak eight languages and translates sixteen, including Latin, Russian, and Hebrew.[16]
Thus, his official university academic qualifications are: Degree in Law in 1980 (Complutense University of Madrid), which degree would give him access to the PhD he would obtain in 1993 (UNED) with a synthesis study on religious beliefs, entitled: the Palestinian Judeo-Christianity of the 1st century (c. 30 – c. 80) (unknown PhD program, although linked to Ancient History[19]) -obtaining the extraordinary prize- and PhD in Law in 2012 (private University Alfonso X el Sabio).

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Answer: I had left esRadio and the next day, the same day I arrived in the United States on vacation, I was told confidentially that, the following week, they were going to perpetrate an attack against my home in Madrid. I thought it over and, although I had offers to go to other countries, I decided to stay in the United States.
A: I left esRadio in 2013. The reason had to do with the management of the group. It seemed to me that it was not the most appropriate. I wrote a long letter to Federico Jiménez Losantos explaining the aspects that, in my opinion, needed to be changed. He did not answer me and, as it seemed to me a sufficient response, I decided to leave. I think I was right with that decision.
A: Understandable. All over the world there is a change of paradigm fundamentally because the left has lost its mind and is defined by nonsense such as gender ideology or support for uncontrolled immigration.
And because the right has been abandoning important causes such as the defense of the family, of life or of borders out of sheer complex. The reaction of many people is to vote for new forces that take up these banners.

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