Youtube fama a bailar 2018

Youtube fama a bailar 2018

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«Fama a bailar» are Oriana and Shyno, Adrián and Wondy (Diana), Saidy and Ugo, Andoni and Fran, Belén and Dani, Valero and Lucía, Mónica and Claudia, Pablo and Ester.yes, there will be galas almost every day, from Sunday to Thursday (#0, 21.00). In each one of them we will see a great milestone of the program:- On Sundays it will be the turn of the release of the eight choreographies in which they have been working all week.- On Mondays we will discover which couple is the winner of the immunity.- On Tuesdays will be the day of the nominations.- On Wednesdays will touch the expulsion.- On Thursdays there will be a very special challenge.See the

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On the one hand, the program will have a 24-hour channel where viewers will be able to follow the contestants’ progress through the talent show. This can be seen through the program’s Youtube channel. It will also have daily programs on #0.
On the other hand, Igor Yebra, dancer and choreographer, will be the new director of the school. The teaching staff will be made up of professionals with extensive experience in the world of dance: Iker Carrera, Ruth Prim, Raymond Naval, Carla Cervantes and Sandra Egido.

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Considering that conventional audience data do not perfectly reflect the real nature of pay TV, the arrival of ‘Fama a bailar’ has revitalized a#0a from 21:00 hours. In linear, during that time slot, the channel’s audience has increased 120% since the premiere of the talent produced by Zeppelin TV.
The official YouTube channel of the format produced by Zeppelin TV has more than 69,000 subscribers and accumulates more than 11,000,000 views thanks to the reproductions of its more than 200 videos uploaded.
If we look at YouTube, the video of the first single of the new album byDELAPORTEaccumulates more than 426,000 reproductions. In addition, the videos of the group’s performance at the school and of the contestants’ first group choreography exceed one million views (182,000 – 867,000) on the official channel of the format produced by Zeppelin TV.

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After the castings that will be held from February 13 in Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Barcelona and Las Palmas in March will open the doors of the academy of ‘FAMA’ directed by Igor Yebra and with a faculty formed by Iker Carrera, Ruth Prim, Raymond Naval, Carla Cervantes and Sandra Egido who will train the chosen ones to turn them into professionals.
And all this we can enjoy live, as Movistar has announced that there will be 24 hours of ‘FAMA a bailar’ through Youtube. If they also manage to exploit well the social networks and interactions with the fandom, the platform may have an instant success on its hands.

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