Youtube movistar plus

Youtube movistar plus

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Movistar + running on second TV with TVD deviceSpread the know how to watch Movistar TV on two TVs for free (Movistar play in America), check this guide and know if you meet the requirements. Also I will tell you the way to do it totally FREE with Android TV (watch on Amazon) that will give you a surprise.Note: Updated 02/19/2021.
This is also a proper way of how to watch Movistar TV in several rooms, which is like having free Movistar multiroom (now called multiplus).First requirement: Services with Movistar +.Movistar Lite.Movistar Lite is a product that you can hire without being a customer of the blue operator and you can also use it on two TVs at the same time. Movistar lite is one of the options to watch on two TVsThe channels included in Movistar Lite are detailed below:As of today (April 2020) you can find it FREE for one month, so this is an option to watch Movistar on another TV or on the mobile (What a pity that this is not sponsored content, it seems that I’m selling melons). Movistar Fusión.Having contracted Movistar Fusión you also have included the famous Movistar +, the program formerly known as YOMVI.The content you see will depend on the package you have contracted.Those who have Fusión without decoder or satellite can also.

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In an entry in the Movistar Community, the operator explains that it offers Movistar+ content instantly on YouTube. In this way, it will be us and not others who choose what to watch on TV. They understand that television has changed and that the times of the whole family sitting in front of the TV to watch one program after another are long gone.
For all these reasons, Movistar wants, in addition to offering the best and most varied television offer, to immediately put the contents of its channels on YouTube so that we can enjoy them for free at any time and place. The operator has taken the opportunity to look back to the past, reviewing the era of the two channels, the arrival of private television and the irruption of YouTube.

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It is very likely that you are asking yourself this question because you are interested in some of the content it offers. And is that thanks to all its channels, you will access live sports, movie premieres, complete series and much more.
There are more and more applications for Smart TV. One of them is the Movistar Plus app. Depending on your TV, the way to install it varies a bit. But in all cases you need a Movistar Play account and an Internet connection.
You will have to use compatible browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox) and identify yourself on the official website. You must have Windows 7, 8 or 10 for PC, or Mac OS X v.10.6 or higher.
One of the biggest advantages is downloading any content for offline viewing. Imagine you are flying and you don’t have Wi-Fi or you have run out of gigabytes on your data plan. Either way, you will be able to continue viewing any content without interruption.
The cost of enjoying this platform varies depending on the content you want to access. Although we are aware of the changes in their prices, it is best to visit their website, which is always updated.

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The war of the operators has no truce, so the different players in dispute have no qualms about continuing to launch different promotions and offers to get more customers and try to retain theirs along the way.
The information comes to us through users who report having received a text message in which, in a few words, the whole promotion is summarized: “From today (April 17) you have YouTube and Netflix UNLIMITED in addition to your plan until June 30. Applies only for 4G navigation”.
Even if it is for a short time, it is an excellent benefit for those Movistar customers who value and frequently use these services, especially because the operator’s 4G coverage has increased to such an extent that most major cities in the country are fully covered, and there are even places where you can already enjoy 4G+, which reaches speeds of over 100 Mbps.

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