Caner cindoruk instagram

Caner cindoruk instagram

Caner cindoruk instagram

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El actor turco Caner Cindoruk y un montón de información sobre su vida personal, la nacionalidad, la religión, la edad, la crianza, más detalles sobre la altura, el peso, la calificación académica, cuando su carrera artística comenzó en la actuación, las obras más importantes que presentó de series, películas, sus sitios oficiales de redes sociales, y un conjunto de fotos nuevas y exclusivas de él
El artista Caner Cindoruk, famoso actor turco, nacido en Adana en 1980, es actor de teatro. Pasó sus años de infancia entre los bastidores de los teatros. Siempre encontró trabajo en el escenario en su escuela media y secundaria, y apareció en varias obras de teatro en sus años universitarios. Además, se graduó en el Departamento Estatal de Teatro de la Universidad de Chukurova. Su primer papel profesional fue el personaje de Yusef en la obra de Fahim Pasha Konagi.
En 1997, debutó en el grupo del Teatro Municipal Adana Sihan. Trabajó como representante en el Teatro Municipal Sihan y en el Teatro de la Ciudad de Adana durante diez años. Trabajó como actor de teatro durante diez años, y su primera aparición ante las cámaras fue con su participación en una película, tras lo cual su trabajo varió entre el teatro, el cine y la televisión.


Bahar’s character in the Turkish series Woman is marked by drama and tragedies. One of the events that changed her life was the death of Sarp, her husband, in a traffic accident. His presence is constant in the first chapters of the series through the protagonist’s flashbacks, until a piece of information is revealed that changes everything.
Without spoilers for the most straggling viewers, it should be noted that Sarp’s presence has a great importance in the plot, being one of the characters that sustain the plot of the series.
In the actor’s family there are several names recognized in Turkey for their successful professional careers. His uncle, Erdal Cindoruk, is a famed theatrical actor, while his father, Zafer Doruk, is a short story writer and a two-time winner of the Orhan Kemal Story Award. The Sarp interpreter has also shown his side as a writer, publishing his first book in 2018 under the title Sessiz Sarkıcı (Silent Singer).


Taking advantage of this phenomenon, before saying goodbye to «My Daughter», the network is already offering viewers this new fiction that they will surely love. The series, which premiered last September 5, stars two faces of the Turkish «star system» very well known in our country: Caner Cindoruk, also nicknamed the «Turkish George Clooney», who plays Sarp in «Woman», and Cansu Dere, the famous actress of «Mother».
Time passes and the couple’s professional lives go from strength to strength. Asya leads a happy life until she discovers something that will change everything forever: a blonde hair on her husband’s scarf. This discovery confirms to her that Volkan is having an affair. As if that were not enough, the doctor learns that her entourage knows about this extramarital affair. Volkan’s lover is a young woman named Derin who is also pregnant.
After her world is shattered, the protagonist of «Unfaithful» chooses not to let herself be dominated by the pain. Empowered and driven by hatred, she will take her revenge on her husband and all those who betrayed her.

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Antena 3 and Turkish series, an ideal couple. Atresmedia’s main channel was the first generalist to bet on Ottoman soap operas in its prime time, with overwhelming audience data. This perfect marriage works much better than the one starring one of the biggest hits from Turkey: Infiel.
Asya’s life could not be better. She is a successful doctor, married to a devoted husband and has a son she loves dearly. Together they form a perfect family with a perfect life, but reality is rarely as it appears, and this case is no exception. A blonde hair on her husband’s scarf triggers Asya’s suspicions.
A fast-paced drama that has its origins in the UK. The series is an adaptation of the BAFTA-winning hit series Doctor Foster. This, in turn, is inspired by the Greek myth of Medea, who seeks revenge against her husband for an infidelity. Will it end up like the classic tragedy? For that we will have to watch the series.

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