Esther palomera instagram

Esther palomera instagram

Esther palomera instagram

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Since the ‘Merlos Place’ scandal was uncovered, journalist Alfonso Merlos has been more disappeared than ever, except for a couple of appearances on El Programa de Ana Rosa and Todo es Mentira.
«Expectant IRO», writes the journalist next to the video. A material in which the animal appears sitting in the garden of the house with pool in Boadilla del Monte, while he moves his head looking up. A mysterious way to show that he and Alexia, despite all the rumors, could be more in love than ever. And the fact is that the young woman, during these hard days, not only relies on her dog, but also on the journalist to whom she recently dedicated a very romantic message: «Fall in love with someone who is your safe place and your greatest adventure». Will Merlos and Alexia’s soap opera end in a secret wedding?

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The spokeswoman of the Popular Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, already announced last week that her formation will ask for copies of the daily situation reports that Homeland Security sent to the Government since November 17, 2019, date of the first global case of coronavirus, and warned that omitting these alerts is a «scandal of the first magnitude».
Gamarra echoed the information published in the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ and which, in his opinion, shows that «the warnings» received by the Government of National Security «remained hidden in the mobiles of ministers and policy makers». However, the newspaper ‘El País’ reported on Monday that the PP deputies who had access to these National Security minutes «leaked» «incomplete» sentences that alter their meaning.

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‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ has started the week without its titular presenter but with a strong discussion between Eduardo Inda and Esther Palomera. The collaborators got into an argument about the comment that Javier Bardem dedicated to the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, during the weekend of the summit against climate change.
Inda was indignant and asked «what legitimacy does Bardem have to give lessons on ecology», bringing up his trips «in a private jet&rdquor. On the other hand, he assured that the actor is not legitimate to speak «because he has been condemned for defrauding the Treasury».
Moreover, Inda has thrown in the face that the actor insulted the mayor of Madrid. «Says the one who insults permanently,» Palomera then reminded him, despite also being against Bardem’s words.

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The former Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, acknowledged on Wednesday that he held a meeting with the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, before Christmas to get to know each other. The meeting, of which he did not previously inform the Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, took place at the home of the former Minister of Defense José Bono, who has a relationship with Iglesias, having been his father’s lawyer in a trial during the Franco regime.
Asked for his opinion about them in an interview in Cadena SER, Zapatero avoided making a judgment, answering with a brief «you will know them by their deeds», assuring however that he has «very notable discrepancies» with the political program of Podemos.

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