Himar gonzalez instagram

Himar gonzalez instagram

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In a few minutes, the publication has been filled with comments from his followers, who have highlighted his words. “What a nice reflection. I love it”, “what a beautiful and true reflection” or “how nice Himar”, are some of the messages that the meteorologist has received. In addition, countless emojis of applause and hearts, as well as congratulations for Valentine’s Day.
The meteorologist has made this trip almost two months after she spoke for the first time about the illness that led her to be admitted to the hospital for 11 days and that worried her followers and the audience of Antena 3 so much.  It was on December 18 when the Canary Islander revealed that the reason for her ailment had been the result of a bacterium. “It was causing me a very serious internal infection, and the infection passed to the blood. Fortunately, we caught it in time. Because one or two days later and possibly, as I was told, I would no longer be here…”, she confessed in conversations with the magazine ¡HOLA!

Himar gonzález, meteorologist of antena 3, is discharged from the hospital

Himar González has announced this Thursday, December 10, the most awaited news by all her followers: she has been discharged from hospital. Thus, the presenter of ‘El tiempo’ of Antena 3 will continue with her recovery from home.
“Home. Everything has gone well. Very well. I will continue with my recovery. And soon, very soon, I’ll be back,” wrote the meteorologist in a post shared on her Instagram in which she appears posing in front of the hospital mirror.
In this way, the presenter wanted to convey a message to those who have been or are in her situation. “Health, love, life and strength to all those who, for one reason or another, struggle with some ailment. I wish you all the best”.

Himar gonzález “the summer is magic”.

Two weeks ago the presenter of Antena 3’s El tiempo, Himar Gonzalez, worried her followers by posting on Instagram a photograph in which she appeared admitted to the hospital. The communicator clarified that her hospital admission was not due to the coronavirus, but did not reveal the reason that had led her there. Himar revealed that everything was due to a pathology that had become a little complicated, but she reassured that she had been caught in time.
A few days later, she shared her progress from the hospital: “For the first time in almost a week, I was able to get out of bed. I’ve been able to put on my shoes and I’ve walked the halls of the hospital with enthusiasm, with energy,” she wrote on her Instagram profile. “Everything is going well,” he said.
On December 10, he happily announced that he had been discharged from the hospital: “Home, everything went well. Very well. I will continue with my recovery and soon, very soon, I will be back,” he said. This Friday, in an interview she gave to Hola magazine, Himar finally revealed the ailment that led her to be hospitalized: “A bacterium caused me a very serious internal infection, and the infection spread to my blood”.

The weather night september 7 | antena 3 news

Himar González worried everyone after spending some time in the hospital, at the end of 2020. The presenter of Antena 3’s El Tiempo was in hospital for eleven days because of a very serious internal infection, of which not having been observed in time, could have ended her life. “Sorry for having worried you so much”: Himar González leaves hospital
Himar González, presenter of Antena 3’s El Tiempo, is now out of the hospital after several days in hospital. Her return to the Atresmedia channel is closer. “Home. Everything has gone well. Very well. I will continue with my recovery. And soon, very soon, I will be back,” he wrote on Instagram. Himar González (‘El tiempo’ on Antena 3) is still in the hospital: “I’ve been able to get out of bed”.
Himar González, presenter of El tiempo in the weekend edition of Antena 3 Noticias, worried everyone a week ago when she posted a photograph from the hospital. The Canary Islander explained that she had to be admitted due to a pathology that became complicated.

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