Javier roche instagram

Javier roche instagram

Javier roche instagram

Currently i have 10 dogs el barrio al rojo #10 1/2

Through this workshop we want to generate a space in which to discuss how YouTube influences our discourse and thoughts, and how we in turn can also influence and modify its algorithms. To this end, we propose the creation of a collective fanzine through which we can intervene captures and comments of videos interrelating them and giving them new meanings.
We intend to promote the learning of the image as a means of communication. Visual literacy is necessary to face the visual information of today’s world, whether you are a creator or a consumer of content.
In addition to fanzines, they have also carried out editing and collage workshops, urban murals, a small radio program: https://www.revistavoluntas.com/radiovoluntas/show/12 and occasionally they launch themselves into video: https://vimeo.com/172606613.
Born in Zaragoza in 1983 and having spent his early work as an electrical-electronic, in 2013 he decided to focus on photography, received a training grant in Documentary Photography in BlankPaper Valencia and launched Chabi Foto as a project for event photography.

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The same sources assure that Javier Roche would have uploaded to the Internet a series of pornographic videos with his ex-partner, without her consent. The authorities have already made the necessary requirements for the recordings to be removed from the Internet.
MediasetRoche premiered precisely this week a program on Cuatro (Mediaset) where she was seen fighting for animal rights. The program, entitled A cara de perro, showed a King Chatarrero compassionate with dogs and other pets; and tough with those who violated their living conditions or mistreated them.

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After Javier García Roche was denounced for alleged gender violence and a manipulation by the program ‘A cara de perro’ in an alleged animal rescue was discovered, criticism of the program has not stopped growing. Such is the discontent that even a collection of signatures has been organized so that Mediaset, the television group that broadcasts the program, eliminates it from the schedule. The author of the collection is Asociación Vigilancia Solidaria, a group of animal activists who consider that it is not enough that the program has disappeared from prime time, as we already told you on our website, but they demand that it should disappear from television for good.
In addition to this, the Asociación Vigilancia Solidaria also launched its complaint against Javier García Roche: «it is a shame that having so many prepared people, so many professionals and so many real stories to make known, instead of choosing suitable and qualified people, the voiceless are being used and thus being victims once again».

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Javier García Roche is on everyone’s lips. And the fact is that ‘A cara de perro’ premiered last week on Cuatro with undoubted audience success and with a tremendous impact on social networks. Most of the reactions were positive because of his courage in denouncing the mistreatment of animals, but some began to dig into his networks to expose him. Some of his messages are difficult to defend: «Let’s see if the fucking mossos learn from the picoletos, who have caught me at 300 per hour almost and have thrown the roll because they have understood the situation».
Also in several messages he recurrently uses the term CAB («All cops are bastards»). But this issue has been overshadowed by the arrest of the presenter the day after the broadcast of his television debut.
The networks were plagued with injunctions against the presenter, but it is clear to no one that some intend to ignore the presumption of innocence because of their anger at the brutal work of denunciation carried out by García Roche in ‘A cara de perro’, whose audience success (it premiered above 10% share) ensures its continuity on television.

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