Lara siscar instagram

Lara siscar instagram

Lara siscar instagram

Graciela álvarez lobo (07-04-2016)

On that occasion the Police even arrested two people, one of them even approached the TVE presenter while she was walking down the street, after Siscar refused to meet him in person. Now, the situation has been repeated again, to the presenter’s disgrace.
In the previous case of harassment, Lara Siscar blamed «pure machismo» for the situation she was experiencing, which ended with police intervention. Already then the journalist assured to live one of the «worst times» of her life, after months of feeling observed, pursued and finally assaulted by one of these people.tros acquaintances has a macho component. «It’s pure machismo, a need for domination that only some men feel».

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It has happened with celebrities who have made unfortunate comments or actions inside and outside the networks, but also with people with ideas different from those of the ‘official’ opinionators (soccer, bullfighting, politics), or in the usual controversies with background of nationalism, sexism, racism and homophobia. It even has a name: digital lynching, and goes beyond the ‘troll’ (hooligan) or ‘hater’ (hater) and gathers crowds that encourage each other. But the networks are saying enough and are putting filters that some believe should be more severe.

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It is not the first time that Siscar, from the Channel 24 news, talks about this dramatic event. But now he delves into the despicable actions of a subject who takes refuge in the anonymity of social networks.
A stalker of whom he knows «nothing», although he «intuits things». «I think he is a man and that it is a question of machismo. In the end you get to know him. You establish a certain relationship with him. You recognize him.» It all started when she was answering messages, and she noticed that one person was responding more assiduously. «He would demand more attention from me and if I didn’t respond, he would insist. I realized that it was not normal. When I wanted to break off that relationship, the obsession and harassment began.»
Siscar, partner of the also journalist Antonio Lucas, confesses to having been «afraid that he would become a threat of flesh and blood». Lucas, by the way, has also received threats from the same subject. Now, in reality, «I want to have him in front of me. Although I am calm because stalkers are cowards».

María josé molina & laura foyaca (15-03-2018)

Likewise, the former ‘MHYV’ love advisor and collaborator of different programs advanced that she was going to undergo several cosmetic surgery interventions to regain the figure she had before.
And Miriam Sanchez has an unexpected defender. Her ex-partner and father of her daughter, Pipi Estrada, has shown all his support. The sports journalist, who also recently underwent surgery for the same procedure, has congratulated Miriam’s doctors for the result.

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